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English Language Arts High School Online Curriculum

English Language Arts High School Online Curriculum

One of the requirements to graduate from high school is learning a Language Arts course for four years, and it will typically emphasize critical reading and writing skills during the freshman and sophomore years. Then, it will continue to focus on literature during the junior and senior years. A functional high school language arts curriculum amalgamates listening, speaking, reading, literature, research, composition, and language study at all grade levels.

When selecting an English Language Arts curriculum for high school, you need to focus on seeking a program that extremely thorough in academic, complete in scope, and suitable for your child’s learning style. You have to ensure that your child will finish high school with a foundation in reading and writing, guiding them to get ready for college-level coursework.

In this article, we will assist you by preparing a summary of English Language Arts for high school on each grade level and how Let’s Read English can be the best program for your child. Check out the links below to get more information about our program:


Language Arts Curriculum for Ninth Grade

Besides reviewing the English language arts concepts learned in middle school, language arts instruction for ninth-grade also set the fundamentals for high school writing and literary analysis. Students will read passages from various sources and draft, revise, and edit their writing. 

When selecting a language arts curriculum for the freshman year of high school, you need to find a program that employs the learning method of the 21st century. It should combine methods and tools that make the course of language arts relevant to Generation Z and help them get ready for success in the modern environment of college and career. Let’s Read English utilizes advanced technology to build student-centered learning experiences in reading, writing, and grammar.


Several objectives of language arts course that ninth-grade students will achieve such as:

  • Read and comprehend highly complicated texts that create knowledge in history, science, and other subjects.
  • Attain clear comprehension of figurative language, form, and perspective.
  • Progress and support ideas with particular examples as well as gather information from dependable sources.
  • Understand and implement the correct grammar rules in their writing, such as pronoun-antecedent, apostrophes, and more.

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Language Arts Curriculum for Tenth Grade

Students will experience various types of excellent texts in tenth grade that involve them in literary analysis of both fiction and non-fiction. As tenth-grade students read complicated texts, they will present the escalated comprehension of all aspects in language utilization from vocabulary and syntax to the development and organization of ideas by using grammatically correct writing.

The sophomore English course in Let’s Read English strengthens literary analysis and twenty-first skill with great literature and literary non-fiction, application e-resources, and educational interactives. The completely online program is customizable to reach any family’s needs, whether they seek a comprehensive online school curriculum or an inexpensive teaching solution.

Several objectives of the language arts course that tenth-grade students will achieve such as:


  • Decide the central idea and purpose of a text.
  • Distinguish how language supports the purpose of an author in two different genres.
  • Support a claim with reasons as well as evidence in an argumentative essay.
  • Edit typical sentence errors.

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Language Arts Curriculum for Eleventh Grade

Eleventh-grade students will interact with every aspect of language arts such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language to master the standards of English language arts and get ready for college and beyond. They can anticipate carefully evaluate various literary texts, improve their vocabulary by reading strategies and basic words, and write to different types of audiences and purposes.


The language arts curriculum for eleventh grade emphasized fine-tuning reading comprehension, analysis, assessment, spoken language, and writing skills based on American literature. Linked in the interactive lessons over two semesters is a task that motivates students to reinforce their overall language skills and create analytical writing.


Several objectives of the language arts course that eleventh-grade students will achieve such as:

An ESL learner with headphones and eyeglasses making list of literature topics in library
  • Utilize graphic organizers and proper English grammar, employment, and conventions to write, edit, and revise.
  • Make inferences, draw conclusions, and decide the author’s purpose based on evidence in a text.
  • Formulate and write a thesis statement to support a claim.
  • Discover and alter dangling, misplaced, and troublesome modifiers.

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Language Arts Curriculum for Twelfth Grade

Students will read various texts during their senior years, such as fiction, poetry, drama, and expository non-fiction. Moreover, they will also master comprehension, employ evidence to manage thorough literary analysis, explore and evaluate how authors develop their ideas in various genres and synthesize ideas across multiple texts. An English language arts curriculum for the twelfth grade should provide students preparation for college-level English courses.

When picking out the ideal English language arts curriculum for your twelfth-grade students, you should find a program that offers college and career readiness. Let’s Read English prepares extremely thorough and interactive courses that focus on the subjects they need to study. It is also cultivating the advanced critical thinking and analytical skills they need in post-secondary education.


Several objectives of language arts course that your twelfth-grade students will achieve such as:

  • Enhance vocabulary through the study of Greek and Latin roots.
  • Distinguish how British literature has progressed in a historical context.
  • Ability to critically analyze their writing as well as the writing of others.
  • Examine figurative language, word relationships, and nuances within word meanings.

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Why Choose the Language Arts Curriculum for High School from Let's Read English?

The dynamic high school language arts curriculum for online school created by Let’s Read English guides students to reach their targets and objectives. The program also offers the latest educational tools for them. Families can use the curriculum in many ways depending on their needs, such as a full-time curriculum, an after-school learning tool, or a summer learning program. Teaching language arts in high school does not have to be pressured as long as you have Let’s Read English as your partner in your students’ success.


Here are some of the reasons why our curriculum is very well-known among families who are seeking a language arts curriculum for high school:

As a Main CurriculumAs an Addition
  • Receive printable lesson plans, detailed reporting, activity scheduling, and parental support through our online Parent Forum.
  • A comprehensive online program enables students to take their online school on the go, which means no need for complicated drive downloads or installations.
  • Standard-based courses assist high school students in preparing for college entrance exams such as the SAT/ACT.
  • Every activity of high school language arts has closed-captioning to support students with learning differences.
  • Essay writing will be taught through workshops with a balance of text
  • Parents will receive planner, grading, and record-keeping tools to help them
    organize their online school while supplying documentation for college
  • The exhilarating online lessons and interactive activities help students pay attention during learning sessions while enjoying themselves.
  • Students can start learning either day or evening as it is accessible 24/7 and is perfect for after-school or summer use.
  • Parents can monitor the development of their children.
  • User-friendly customizable tools enable parents to add and remove content efficiently so that their students can focus on the exact concepts they need to.
  • Students can retake lessons to help those who benefit from repetition to understand certain concepts completely.
  • Programs can be employed to fill in gaps from previous grade levels or enhance skills to help students get ready for evaluation and college or career success.
  • Parents can preview the lesson plans of high school language arts in the parent dashboard.