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Curriculum for English Language Arts in Middle School

Language arts in middle school encompasses much more than reading and writing. Its objective is to transition students from learning language mechanics to being good communicators. Students can get acquainted with various writing forms, practice their grammar, and develop their literary skills. Students should be well prepared for a demanding high school standard of English proficiency.

Choosing the right middle school language arts curriculum for online schooling or after-school enrichment requires a thorough understanding of your child’s needs. Before making a choice, consider your child’s learning style, prior interactions with the curriculum (both positive and negative), and your child’s overall expectations for middle school English language arts education.

This webpage will assist you by offering a grade-level review of middle school English language arts. Additionally, we’ll discuss that Let’s Read English is an excellent curriculum for teaching language arts in middle school. Discover more about:

Curriculum for Language Arts in the Sixth Grade

By the end of sixth grade, students should be comfortable reading and reviewing non-fiction texts. They can use reference sources for all research and writing tasks that can be substantiated.

When selecting a language arts program for sixth grade, search for a curriculum that is standards-based and encompasses the entire range of phonics, fluency, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing processes. Let’s Read English’s online, multimedia approach accomplishes all of these goals while entertaining and engaging students through animation, video coaching, and engaging events.

A few of the objectives that the sixth-grade language arts students would be expected to accomplish include the following:

First day of school together in 2nd grade
  • Complete a paragraph by using topic sentences and supporting information.
  • Broaden their vocabulary and incorporate it into discussions, reports, and other written work.
  • Apply spelling rules consistently.
  • Commas should be used in appositives, after introductory words and sentences, and with direct address names.

Curriculum for Language Arts in the Seventh Grade

Seventh graders improve their written language proficiency and develop the ability to present complex concepts concisely. Additionally, seventh-graders broaden their grammatical skills and use a variety of techniques for learning new vocabulary.

Let’s Read English’s extensive array of over 200 videos, online experiences, and interactive tests for the seventh grade English language arts program assures that students receive diverse and stimulating instruction. The entirely online program is completely customizable to meet the needs of any family, whether they are searching for a robust online school program or just an inexpensive tutoring option.

A few of the objectives that the seventh-grade language arts students would be required to accomplish include the following:

  • Compare books to their film adaptations and explain how the message is altered.
  • Providing a concise explanation of a text.
  • Perform brief research projects in order to get answers.
  • Identify simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences to indicate the existence of distinct relationships between concepts.

Curriculum for Language Arts in the Eighth Grade

Eighth graders must have a strong grip on reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary in order to be prepared for high school and beyond. This year, they will concentrate on writing simple, concise texts that are appropriate for their intended audience and purpose. They will practice grasping complex reading passages and determining the interpretation of new words by referring to the context of what they are reading. They improve their ability to communicate their thoughts succinctly and in grammatically correct terms.

Parents and students have complete control of their academic journey through Let’s Read English’s language arts curriculum. Your eighth grader will value the range of lessons and activities, as you will learn from tools such as printable lesson plans, online school teaching materials, comprehensive progress reports, activity preparation, and parental support.

Among the objectives that the eighth-grade language arts students would be expected to accomplish are the following:

  • In a story, recognize the key concepts, compare and contrast ideas and information, cause and effect, symbolism, inferences, mood, tone, and perspective.
  • To distinguish between truth and error, use logical thinking skills.
  • Utilize technology-assisted tools like visual planners to assist students in prewriting and organizing.
  • Verbs in the indicative, imperative, interrogative, conditional, and subjunctive moods must be formed and used.

Why should you use Let’s Read English's Language Arts Curriculum for Middle School?

Middle school language arts serve as a vital link between elementary school and high school education in grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing. You’ll need a program that covers all of the main learning strands in a student-paced, interactive atmosphere if you’re teaching middle school language arts. Let’s Read English’s adaptable program can be seen as a core language arts curriculum for middle school students or as an after-school remediation program.

The following are only a few of the reasons why our middle school language arts curriculum is so successful with families

As a Comprehensive Curriculum

  • A rigorous curriculum that focuses on the development of good literacy skills in order to prepare students for high school English courses.
  • The language arts curriculum is made more enjoyable with engaging classes and interactive activities.
  • Our platform includes resources that allow parents to easily monitor their children’s success and even prepare for their online school year.
  • Our contents are aligned with applicable state and national requirements.
  • Lessons increasingly rise in difficulty during the course, providing students with incremental challenges.
  • Custom spelling lists are included in the parent dashboard’s resources section to help your child improve his or her reading skills.

As a Supplementary Program

  • Parents can access the middle school language arts lesson plans in advance to assist them in selecting the activities they want their child to concentrate on.
  • Student-paced instruction allows the pupil to take their time with difficult subjects and progress at their own pace.
  • Students can remediate or accelerate if needed by having access to lessons from the grade below and above their current one.
  • 24/7 access allows students to begin studying at any time of day or night, making it ideal for use after school or during the summer.
  • Lessons incorporate video and animation, with funny characters assisting students in grasping new ideas.