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Environmental Science Curriculum for High School

Environmental Science Curriculum for High School

The college-preparatory high school path typically includes three years of science credit, but most high school students interested in science will target four. Let’s Read English provides an online environmental science course as a two-semester elective.


This article presents more information about the environmental science curriculum from Let’s Read English, the importance of studying environmental science, and what high school students learn throughout the course.

What is the Importance of Studying Environmental Science in High School?

The introduction to Environmental Science provides students an opportunity to employ scientific knowledge in current practical problems. It also helps them comprehend the relationship between humans and the world in which we live clearly.


The study of environmental science is drawn from knowledge of various other science disciplines that enable high school students to use their expertise in biology, physical science, and earth sciences. This is especially interesting to students who have a natural curiosity about environmental topics such as sustainability, biodiversity, and how humans affect the earth. A career involving environmental studies has grown exponentially in recent decades, so this course can help high school students decide if this might be the right career path for them.

What is the Importance of Studying Environmental Science in High School?

The environmental science lessons for high school cover a broad scope of topics such as the biosphere, ecology, land, forests, soil, water, energy, resources, societies, and policy. Here are several objectives of the course:

  • Comprehehow systems in the natural world are interconnected.
  • Explore the natural cycles of energy flow and appraise how human interaction influences these cycles.
  • Model real-world situations and be aware of the possible consequences of specific actions.
  • Preserve the best choices to protect the environment with changing human population trends.
  • Elucidate evidence and learn to report on environmental conditions and dangers.

The Scope and Sequence of Environmental Science Curriculum for High School

Why Choose Environmental Science Curriculum for High School from Let's Read English?

The environmental science elective in Let’s Read English employs rare activities and materials to help high school students relate scientific theory and concepts to current real-world dilemmas. The college-preparatory curriculum focuses on applying scientific thinking to current issues and challenges to prepare students to think scientifically.


The online option of Let’s Read English provides many advantages for your students if they are interested in environmental science:

Schoolgirl Getting A-Grade Sitting At Laptop Celebrating Success At Home
  • Eight chapters, along with more than 650 activities, cover numerous aspects of environmental science.
  • The activities combine lesson materials with real-world issues related to the environment.
  • The lesson aligns with a standard-based curriculum with visual supports as well as note-taking guides and tools.
  • Self-paced online teaching that utilizes video, printed material, and virtual lab work to keep different types of learners involved.
  • Interactive lessons that employ the talents of experienced teachers to give involvement, motivation, and support.
  • Get a chance to implement learning through virtual labs.
  • The ability to access planning and record-keeping tools for more functional and systematic online schooling.
  • Gain an opportunity to enhance scientific skills to recognize and examine environmental issues.

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