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Fifth-Grade Homeschool Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Let’s Read English’s fifth-grade homeschool curriculum will help your child reach their learning objectives for the year and provide the knowledge needed to succeed in middle school. Our corresponding fifth-grade lesson plans will help you stay on track throughout your homeschooling journey.

If you’re new to homeschooling or simply looking for a new homeschool curriculum, it’s important to keep several things in mind when choosing the right fifth-grade homeschool curriculum.

  • Does the curriculum make learning fun and keep children engaged?
  • Is the material taught clearly, and does it use real-world examples?
  • Does it include reporting tools that make tracking progress easy?
  • Are there plenty of opportunities for children to reinforce skills?
  • Do the activities promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills?
Happy ESL high school students standing in the school hall

Math Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Math student presentation

Let’s Read English’s fifth-grade math curriculum and lesson plans help students gain proficiency in more complex math concepts through practice exercises and interactive activities to prepare them for middle school.

They will work on concepts such as:

  • Fractions and decimals
  • Perimeter, area, and volume
  • Algebraic expressions
  • Order of operations

Language Arts Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Let’s Read English’s fifth-grade language arts curriculum and lesson plans build on the language, vocabulary, writing, and reading comprehension skills that students have been learning throughout elementary school. Students will hone in on their grammar, reading comprehension, and communication skills. Some activities include:

  • Analyzing the theme/main idea of a story
  • Writing opinion pieces
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Science Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Chemistry laboratory for science experiments depicting part of the science curriculum

Students will learn through engaging activities and virtual investigations as they discover new concepts that focus on matter, Earth, and space. Our science curriculum and lesson plans at this level include:

  • Properties of matter
  • Physical and chemical changes
  • Ecosystems
  • Interacting with Earth

Social Studies Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Our Let’s Read English fifth-grade homeschool curriculum and lesson plans at this level explore:

  • Key events and people in U.S. history
  • The contributions made by different civilizations and cultures
  • U.S. and world geography
Vintage pocket watch. Vintage background Concept of time history.

What is Included in Let's Read English’s 5th-Grade Lesson Plans?

Let’s Read English’s fifth-grade lesson plans are a helpful resource for homeschooling families. They will help you understand what your child will be learning and what our curriculum covers in each subject. Although most educators typically use lesson plans as a teaching aid, our lesson plans keep parents informed since Let’s Read English’s online curriculum teaches the material.

Our fifth-grade lesson plans include:

  • Chapter name and objective
  • Lesson name and objective
  • Activity name, type, and number
  • Ability to preview activities

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 5th-Grade Homeschool Curriculum?

Many families are looking for a fifth-grade homeschool curriculum that engages and motivates their students and helps them reach their learning objectives. Let’s Read English has helped hundreds of thousands of families accomplish all those things and more for the past 16 years.

Our award-winning curriculum teaches using a fun, interactive approach that works well for children with different learning styles. In addition, as an IBCCES certified autism resource, many students with special needs thrive when using our engaging, self-paced curriculum.

Although most families use Let’s Read English’s fifth-grade curriculum as their core homeschool program, many also use it for summer learning or afterschool skill-building.