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Free Printable Maps of the U.S.A & the World

Free Printable Maps of the U.S.A & the World

Let’s Read English provides an extensive collection of free printable maps. Students can enhance their geography learning skills by clicking on a particular map, downloading, and printing it. The maps can be used to outline the states and cities. Students can also label the capitals, landmarks and play geographical games on the maps provided. Following are the maps of the states in the U.S. and Canada. Students can download the maps of these states and trace each location. In addition to the states, the capitals of the states are represented through a star.

Printable Maps of the United States of America

American flag waving for USA

Printable Maps of Canada

Canada flag is painted onto an old brick wall

Funfilled geography games you can’t miss playing with these maps

  • Take a toothpick and attach a small piece of paper in the form of a flag to it. Now, write the name of the state or city and let your child place it on the correct location on the map.


  • Create a jigsaw puzzle using the large (2′ x 3′ size) map. Make your child cut out the map as per the states, provinces, or a country (in the case of the continent). Now, you can ask your child to assemble the pieces to form a country or a continent. Once completed correctly, you can ask your child to mark the capital of countries or specific locations.


  • Ask your child to select a map and draw a specific state, province, or country’s flag on a piece of paper. To make things interesting, you can ask your child to remember symbols and colors as part of the flag and make them learn the meaning of those symbols and colors.


  • Get the printout of a specific state, province, or country map and ask your child to mark the neighboring states or countries.


  • You can create flashcards out of the maps and label things like state nickname, abbreviation, and capital on those flashcards.


  • Create a game where you make your child learn directions for each state. This will make him/her identify where a particular state lies compared to the other state.