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Geometry I Curriculum

Geometry I Curriculum

The curriculum of Geometry in Let’s Read English is one of the five mathematics courses that available at the high school level. Students can be prepared to see a variety of concepts to learn such as points, lines, planes, logic, reasoning, angles, slopes, triangle, polygons, circles, volume, area, and more.

Our online geometry course concentrates on the acute areas of compatibility, testament, constructions, trigonometry, three-dimensional figures, and others. These areas of significance will make it easier for students to employ geometric concepts in modeling situations, resolve new problems, reason abstractly, and think critically.

High School Geometry is automatically assigned to Let’s Read English students in grade 10. Nevertheless, parents can choose a different mathematics course if they want to. Keep reading to know more about our homeschool curriculum of Geometry

Geometry Class Background

Teaching Techniques for Geometry Lessons

Teaching geometry subject in high school is one of the crucial steps to enlarge students’ knowledge in mathematics. It is because they will get a chance to develop their conceptual comprehension of firm evolutions that were founded in middle school and make algebraic connections that they have learned in the previous year. The guidelines below will help parents to teach geometry subject for high school students:

Set of geometry tool

Learning Goals for Geometry

The curriculum of geometry for high school will incorporate several learning goals for students. Students should understand geometric transformations, right triangle relationships and trigonometry, implementations of probability, and others by the end of tenth grade. Further learning goals for high school geometry contain:

Why Choose Homeschool Curriculum of Geometry from Let's Read English?

You can implement the geometry curriculum from Let’s Read English as a full-time homeschool curriculum, skill-developing kits, or summer learning program. The mixture of multimedia components, techniques of direction, parental appliances, and others make teaching geometry becomes easier for parents. You will become a part of the team concept that Let’s Read English has elaborated over many years. Parents will instruct the education of their children and retain records as well as portfolio information. Meanwhile, an online geometry course from Let’s Read English will teach them the acute sections of the subject. You also can find these additional benefits in Let’s Read English:

Set of geometry tool
As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • On-screen teachers will use novel teaching methods as well as a real-world environment to engage students in the lesson and implement mathematical concepts in circumstances.
  • Provides more than 400 activities where students employ interactive appliances to explore properties of geometric figures, complete geometric constructions and, more with instant feedback.
  • Automated assessment and tracking system can track your students' progress and saves reports for homeschool portfolio usage.
  • A bunch of excellent graphics, charts, diagrams, animations, and simulations that aid students to connect and illustrate the content.
  • Performance assignments that enable students to demonstrate comprehension with valid, real-world applications.
  • Reaches national standards for tenth graders.
  • Our curriculum is a qualified autism resource by IBCCES and it ensures students with special needs get support.
  • Promote inquiries and focal points on big ideas. Every lesson contains an assisting lesson question.
  • A Student Note-Taking can be downloaded to support lesson adherence and exam preparation.
  • A graphing calculator and a Geometry Handbook are accessible for students.
  • Students can log in to a safe, secure, and advertisement-free online learning environment which accessible 24/7. It is suitable for after-school skill-developing and summer learning.
  • A varied group of experienced teachers conducts students through the content which is the mixture of meticulous direction and modeling of significant skills.
  • Impressive visuals, written, oral, and direct materials to engage various types of students.