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Going Back to School?

Going Back to School?

This is the right time to know if an excellent online academic program like Let’s Read English would be perfect for your family’s online school this year. Many families use Let’s Read English at home to strengthen what their young learners learned in school, as an online school curriculum, or as an after-school class.

Let’s Read English is an outstanding back to school choice for numerous reasons:

Back to school

Let’s Read English uses both academic programs and technology to make learning interesting. At cheap prices, users will have unlimited access to our program, no extra cost, no hidden cost, members can start, pause and stop at any time!

Let’s Read English Makes Education Interactive and FUN

When using Let’s Read English, scholars won’t feel like they are learning. The animation and bright color character offer brilliant classes in form of interactive programs, which makes each class feel like a visual game. The fact that our program strictly obeys the public school curricula, Let’s Read English is the best place to seek additional practice or more help if a scholar didn’t comprehend something in a conventional classroom or when they are struggling with any subject.

Kids Are Not Locked Into One Grade Level

Children normally learn at different speeds in different courses. That is the reason why Let’s Read English allows users to enroll children based on achievement level, rather than keeping them on the same grade level for every course. However, users have total access to resources in three different grade levels per course.

For instance: You have a kid whose name is Carl, and he is learning at the 2nd grade in math, social studies, and science, but he is ahead in language arts.

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  • For math, social studies, and science, Carl will be enrolled at the 2nd-grade level.
  • In those courses, he will be given access to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-grade resources.
  • For language arts, Carl can be enrolled at the 3rd-grade level.
  • In language arts, he will be allowed to access 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-grade resources.

Parents can use the classes from their last grade level to prepare their kids for school. Hence, the scholar can stick to the program all around the academic year, and also use it as an online school curriculum, teaching program, or assessment helper.

Reports Help Parents Identify Areas to Focus On

Parents obtain a complete report from our program, which makes it easier to know the field your kid is struggling with. With this result, you can work on those fields before the scholar goes back to school. Thus, your child can easily fit-in in any class without feeling frustrated when concepts can be acknowledged at home through an entertaining medium presented by Let’s Read English’s online study program.

This is an incredibly useful tool during the school year, as our platform instructs concepts and not just formulas. When it’s time for tests, it presents an excellent feature to sharpen your knowledge in a particular field and allows your kids to clearly understand a particular topic when things are unclear to them. Occasionally, what a learner needs to comprehend first is the “why” so as to comprehend the “how.”

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Printable Worksheets Allow Lessons to be Taken Offline

At Let’s Read English, parents are allowed to access our over hundred back-to-school printable worksheets for them to take some of the classes on the road or elsewhere. These printable worksheets are planned to strengthen the online tools, thus they can be printed and filled any time. While some scholars can do the work on a computer, some can study better when they view and answer questions in print. Let’s Read English provides to these types of scholars.         

Convenience, Flexibility, and Ease of Access

Let’s Read English gives flexibility, in the sense that scholars can access our program every day all day just with a device that has an internet connection. Your kids can finish a few lectures before lunch and a few more again after lunch. It is easy to complete those back-to-school programs when you work at your pace.

Let’s Read English math courses are offered in a logical order with small parts of classes at a time. Each subject has a total set of lectures and programs that encourage self-learning. An arrow will direct a learner to the next lecture or thing to do, so a scholar will know the next class for him to continue his program. What the learner has to do is to follow the directive and finish their next class. However, scholars have the opportunity to retake any class that they didn’t understand. Also, scholars can jump a class if they want a more complicated lecture.

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Key Features of Let’s Read English’s Online Education Program

Letsreadenglish.com uses over 1500 multimedia classes, graded programs, and printable worksheets in a self-learning domain that resuscitates concept to life. Language arts and math class tally with state standards. Art, science, and social studies are offered in most grade levels.

Parents have access to lesson plansprintable worksheets, tutoring materials (this can be found in the Parent Dashboard), detailed reporting, and parental aid via Let’s Read English’s Parent Forum.

  • Scholars have their personal login and can work at their pace
  • Parents can customize the grade level that suits their children for any course
  • Scholars can access the grade level above and the one below for extra study and review
  • We have well-outlined lecture plans for parents that want to evaluate lesson contents
  • Members have access to our online playground, which compensates and encourages learning
  • We have an auto-grading feature that grades lectures and stores reports for homeschool portfolio usage(check below for more information)
  • Just sign up and get started immediately!

Let’s Read English is completely online, with no hidden or extra cost, no software to download, and no CDs. Scholars can access our program anytime regardless of location and time just with a device and internet connection.

Let’s Read English comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee and the capability to start, pause, and stop anytime. Check out our lesson plans, try our fabulous lesson demos, read the curriculum reviews, or evaluate the curriculum overview to know the latest.

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