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Grammar School Online Curriculum

Grammar School Online Curriculum

Grammar is simply a set of structural rules and principles that guides the proper use of a particular language. The study of grammar emphasizes word classification and its inflections, functions, and connections with the sentence. Let’s Read English pays attention to grammar study as it covers most of our language arts program.

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Why is Grammar Essential for Online School Students?

Learning grammar is essential for online school students because it helps them communicate with others effectively, express their sentiments, write captivating papers, and get ready for a successful career. They also will be able to create an essay that eligible for admission to a college or submit an accurate, formatted job resume without spelling and punctuation errors.

Students may not comprehend the message that a literary work conveys if they do not have a proper grammar lesson. It will also be more difficult for them to answer questions about a reading assignment as they have not mastered the sentence structure yet. Writing an essay without a strong basis in grammar can result in a composition that is unclear and incomprehensible. If a student struggles with grammar, it is unavoidable to cover all aspects of their language arts curriculum.

The Summary of Grammar Curriculum

The instruction of online school grammar should be more than just setting up many rules for students to follow. A beneficial grammar curriculum guides students to make a relation between the rules and how they can make a comprehensible essay. After they have mastered the grammar skills, they can speak and write fluently without skepticism.


The first introduction of grammar for students is spoken language : listening to how sentences are formed and phrased correctly. However, they will see those formations translated into writing when they start school. As they progress through the grades in school, they will be introduced to highly complicated grammatical concepts. Based on the fundamental grammar skills learned previously, students will acquire knowledge about the following topics:

  • Capitalization and punctuation
  • Plurals and possessives
  • Contractions
  • Verb tenses
  • Parts of speech
  • Parts of a sentence
  • Phrases and clauses
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Subjunctive mood
  • Editing and revision

If these topics can be taught properly to students, they will understand that these elements of grammar are utilized to make them perfect overall communicators.

Grammar Curriculum for Elementary School

The process of writing itself, as you would expect, starts to introduce grammar too early elementary students. Grammar lessons for students in grades K-2 will contain:

  • Utilize complete sentences
  • Write the first letter of each sentence in uppercase
  • Utilize apostrophes
  • Utilize singular and plural nouns as well as pronouns
  • Utilize singular possessives

As students develop into upper elementary, they will be writing more complicated sentences, and they will also need further grammatical instruction. The elements of grammar they will learn are the following:

  • Parts of speech
  • Utilize commas in a series
  • Past and present verb tenses
  • Avoidance of double negatives
  • Utilize plural possessives

Grammar Curriculum for Middle School

Grammar instruction focuses on employing grammatical rules to writing development in middle school. If grammar seems completely insignificant during the elementary years, it will dismiss during junior high because students will apply grammatical concepts in all of their writings.

Here are extra elements of grammar that middle school students will explore, such as:

  • The agreement of subject-verb
  • Retain consistent verb tense
  • Utilization of quotation marks in dialogue
  • Correct utilization of conjunctions
  • Fragments editing and run-on sentences

Grammar Curriculum for High School

Teaching grammar in high school is mostly contextual like in middle school, and it will be taught as a natural outgrowth of writing. Since the difficulty of what students are expected to write in the high school years escalated, the combination of grammar concepts becomes more advanced.


High school students will continue to upgrade their grammar skills by the following methods:

  • Utilize modifiers properly to create interest in their writing.
  • Present their comprehension of sentence construction by pointing out all eight parts of speech and how they are utilized.
  • Punctuate various types of sentences accurately.
  • Utilize the degrees of comparative and superlative in adjectives and adverbs.
  • Utilize appositives, main clauses, and subordinate clauses.
  • Differentiate between active and passive voice.

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Why Choose Online School Grammar Curriculum Works from Let's Read English?

Let’s Read English combines online grammar lessons throughout the whole language arts curriculum. Besides supplying specialized grammar instruction, Let’s Read English also consolidates grammar practice into several reading and writing lessons, such as during a particular unit on fictional mysteries. These fourth-grade students are studying “The Case of the Missing Goblet” will be introduced with the correct use of quotation marks. High school students who are taking English 1 will employ the chance of writing a personal narrative to practice gerunds, participles, and infinities.


The computer is a sublime way to prepare grammar lessons for your children because it gives visual input that always has more impact than using a textbook. Let’s Read English offers online classes for grammar, which are more fun, like playing video games, than actual school work. However, most grammar lessons provide printable worksheets for students who need extra reinforcement. You can anticipate the following features in a program with our online school grammar curriculum:

  • Demonstrate and describe grammar rules clearly.
  • Prepare plenty of exercises.
  • Utilize interactive lessons as well as visual guidance to help students maintain the grammar rules.
  • Follow a structured and sequential method mandatory for families who need a grammar curriculum for students with dyslexia.
  • Combine grammar instruction naturally with writing instruction.
  • Enable parents to choose between having their children follow lessons in sequence or aiming at particular grammar concepts they may struggle with.

Grammar Lessons for Online School, After School, or Summer Learning

Let’s Read English can be utilized for homeschool, afterschool, or summer learning, and it is an ideal way to start young students off on the right foot. The program also provides a grammar curriculum for online schools in an attractive and effective style. Most children prefer the hilarious sound effect as well as peculiar cartoon characters to demonstrate the material. Additionally, the student-paced nature of the program trains them how to work independently and giving them a sense of ownership over their development which is the best inspiration for them.

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