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High School English Language Arts Online Curriculum

High School English Language Arts Online Curriculum

You need a high school English language arts curriculum that is comprehensive, rigorous, and complements your child’s learning style. Let’s Read English’s curriculum helps build your child’s foundation in writing and reading, and this will arm him for college coursework.

This page gives you the curriculum details and what the Let’s Read English curriculum has in stock for your child and other students.

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9th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

This curriculum builds on the English language arts concepts learned in middle school. And it creates a solid foundation for literature analysis and writing skills. We’ll encourage students to read and analyze texts from various sources.

Let’s Read English’s language arts curriculum is centered around students’ writing and reading with good grammar.

Here are some of the goals of the 9th-grade language arts curriculum:

  • Understanding of the proper use of figurative languages.
  • Ability to develop and support ideas.
  • Ability to read and understand difficult-to-understand texts and other literary works.
  • Application of proper grammar rules in writing.
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10th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

We expect students in this grade to exhibit mastery of all aspects of language use, including syntax, rich vocabulary, and grammatically correct writing. Let’s Read English’s curriculum builds student’s literary analysis skills. Our online course can be modified to suit your child’s needs.

Here are some of the goals of this curriculum as planned by Let’s Read English:

  • How to compare and contrast literary works of different authors.
  • Correction of some of the most typical sentence errors.
  • How to determine the purpose and message of a text.
  • How to write an argumentative essay with reasonable evidence.

Please find out more about our 10th-grade language arts curriculum.

11th Grade Language Arts Online Curriculum

Our 11th grade English Language Arts curriculum is based on universal standards. It builds on the skills acquired in the former grades while it delves deeper. It improves students speaking and writing ability to a higher level.

Our curriculum does not only help your child master all the necessary language arts skills, but it also prepares him for higher education and career. Here, we take writing, oral language, analysis and evaluation, reading comprehension, and others to another level.

Some of the objectives of the 11th-grade language arts curriculum are:

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  • How to formulate and write a thesis statement.
  • Spotting and correcting wrongly used modifiers.
  • How to make inferences and draw reasonable conclusions.
  • Introduction to the use of graphic organizers to correct grammatical errors.

You can find out more about our 11th-grade language arts curriculum.

12th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

This curriculum is meant to prepare students for college English classes. All 12th graders should handle literary analysis, drama, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction literary works. Let’s Read English curriculum makes students college-ready. Our highly engaging activities keep our students focused all through each of the lessons.

In addition, the course also develops students’ advanced critical thinking ability and analytical skills. The primary objectives of the 12th-grade language arts curriculum are:

  • Ability to analyze word relationships and figurative language.
  • Ability to analyze all kinds of text.
  • Supporting English vocabulary with Latin and Greek words.
  • Comparing and contrasting how British literature has developed in a historical context.
  • Introduction to British literature.
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You can find out more about our 12th-grade language arts curriculum.

Why Choose Let's Read English's High School Language Arts Curriculum?

Let’s Read English provides students with up-to-date educational tools. Your child can use the curriculum as a full-time curriculum, an after-school learning tool, or a summer learning program. We understand what students need, and we have prepared for them.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider our curriculum first.

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • With closed-captioning, we support students with learning differences.
  • Essay writing is taught with several types of texts.
  • Our program is 100% online. So, students have access to it anytime.
  • Parents can use our grading and recordkeeping tools to track their children's performance.
  • We all parents to access our printable lesson plans and activity scheduling through our online Parent Forum.
  • Let's Read English courses help students prepare for college entrance exams such as the SAT/ACT.
  • Our lessons and activities are highly interactive and engaging.
  • There's no contractual obligation involved. So, parents can quit the program
  • The customization tool allows parents to remove or add content depending on their children's needs and interests.
  • Lessons and tests can be retaken until mastery is achieved.
  • Parents can preview and review the lesson plans in the parent
  • The course is available online 24/7.