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High School Geometry Curriculum

High School Geometry Curriculum

Geometry is among the five math courses taken in high schools in the United States. In this course, Let’s Read English introduces students to concepts like area, volume, circles, polygons, triangles, slopes, angles, logic and reasoning, planes, lines, and points. 

We focus on 3-dimensional figures, trigonometry, constructions, proof, congruence, and more. Also, we’ll apply the geometric concepts to solve real-life problems and to think critically. While we recommend the course for 10th graders, their parents have the liberty to choose another math course. 

This page gives you the necessary details about the curriculum.

How to Teach Geometry

Geometry builds on algebraic concepts and provide a solid foundation in math. To excel in advanced math courses, you need to master geometric concepts. For parents who want to teach their children, the tips below will be very helpful. 

  • Include easy scoring tool in the study materials you present to students. 
  • Add printed materials, instructional videos, and other multimedia elements to the mix. 
  • Assess your child and measure his progress after every lesson. 
  • Link the concepts to real-world situations. 
  • Simplify the instructions so that every student will understand the lessons perfectly. 
  • Apart from texts, use animations, diagrams, and charts to make the lessons interesting.

Learning Objectives for Geometry

The objectives of this course are the application of probability, trigonometry, right angle triangle relationships, and geometric transformation. You can find additional objectives of geometry below: 

  • Using parallelogram to solve problems.
  • Using addition postulate and protractor postulate to calculate angle measures. 
  • Application of the addition rule to probabilities. 
  • Ability to construct perpendicular and parallel lines. 
  • How to calculate the radian measure of an angle. 
  • Finding the unknown measures of congruent figures. 
  • Using the principles of right triangles to solve real-life problems.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s Geometry Online School Curriculum

Like all other Let’s Read English’s curriculums, this course can be used as a full-time curriculum or as a supplemental program. Our lesson plans and other engaging materials make it easier for parents to teach the course. Here are some of the benefits that set Let’s Read English’s high school curriculum apart from others. 

As a Full Curriculum

As a Supplement

  • Our lessons are taught with a wide range of information formats apart from texts. 
  • Automated grading system makes tracking easy for parents. 
  • The curriculum is at par with national standards. 
  • On-screen teachers will provide the necessary guidance. 
  • Let’s Read English curriculum has been certified for autistic students by IBCCES because it supports students with special needs.
  • Our students will be exposed to more than 400 engaging and interesting activities.
  • The lessons are handled by highly certified and experienced teachers. 
  • The course is accessible 24/7, making it easy for after school skill building and summer learning.
  • We offer our students note-taking guide. 
  • Let’s Read English uses hands-on materials to engage different types of learners.
  • We give our students access to a handbook, a graphing calculator, and other materials. 
  • Every lesson begins with guiding questions to recall prior relevant knowledge.