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High School Intro to Art Curriculum

High School Intro to Art Curriculum

This course may sound strange, but it is essential. Let’s Read English’s curriculum covers topics like the visual elements of art, the cultural purpose of art, and the evolution of art. We support the lessons with pictorial representations and interactive tools. 

For more information on the objectives of the course, the topics it covers, and why you should choose Let’s Read English’s curriculum, you can check the resources below.

Why Study Art Appreciation in High School?

The art appreciation class is as important as the course because it stimulates students’ interest in the course. The class acts as the entry point into ancient art. We’ll also compare the three and two-dimensional media. Also, we will touch on photography as an art. 

We will recommend the course for students that want to go into photography, software design, multimedia art, or digital design. Apart from informing students on the purpose, methods, and beauty of art, the course also introduces students to critical thinking, complex analysis, and lateral thinking. In fact, these skills will be beneficial to all students regardless of their chosen career.

What Do You Learn in a High School Intro to Art Class?

In this class, students will explore the history of art and find out the importance of art. We’ll also teach them why art plays an essential role in culture. Some of the topics that students will learn are:

  • Analyses of artworks like images, paintings, and graphic design. 
  • Applying the principles of design and visual elements when analyzing works of art.
  • Application of artistic constructions to architecture. 
  • Drawing techniques.
  • The impact of videos on different sectors. 
  • Introduction to the latest photography trends for advertising and fashion. 
  • Visual elements and their significance. 
  • How to project and implement ideas in art.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s High School Intro to Art Curriculum?

Let’s Read English’s curriculum has nine chapters that cover topics as 3-dimensional art, special effects, interpretation of different works of art, visual elements of arts, and more. To make the lessons more interesting and more engaging, we include teacher interaction, easy-to-follow video instructions, and interactive lessons.

Your child can take this course as a full-time curriculum or as a supplemental program. The benefits of choosing our program are:

  • The course is available 24/7. 
  • The curriculum is made of about 10 chapters and more than 300 engaging activities. 
  • You can plan your child’s program with our curriculum calculator and activity planner. 
  • The grading system, as well as record updates are automated and in real-time.
  • We expose students to current artistic themes for video game creation, animation, graphic design, and more. 
  • Our lessons are interactive and they include teacher interaction, and instructional videos.
  • We adopt interesting visuals and hands-on materials to engage different types of learners.
  • We give students journal writing assignments to improve their writing skills. 
  • The CloseReader ™ tool can be used to make studying easier.