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High School Lifetime Fitness Online Curriculum

High School Lifetime Fitness Online Curriculum

Let’s Read English’s lifetime fitness curriculum teaches students on stress management, nutrition, exercise, and other health tips that they can apply all through their lives.

We cover various fitness topics that will make students have a healthy mind and body. This page offers all the necessary information about Let’s Read English’s lifetime fitness course and what your child should expect in the class.

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Why Study Lifetime Fitness in High School?

This course informs students on the positive impact of regular exercise on the mind and body.  It also teaches students the positive role of good nutrition in their general well-being.

We take our students deep into stress management, sports, nutrition, fitness, and more. In addition, we also help students develop important health and fitness skills like time management and stress management.

What Do You Learn in a High School Lifetime Fitness Class?

Students will learn about staying safe during exercise, the fundamentals of physical fitness, and the principles of biomechanics. The course dedicated a whole chapter to muscular and cardiovascular fitness and various body systems. This same course went further to inform students about different nutritional needs and the importance of healthy eating.

According to Let’s Read English’s lesson plans, apart from the topics mentioned above, your child will also learn about having healthy body composition and how to succeed in sports.  Finally, we’ll explore various career opportunities in the fitness and wellness industry.

High school kids warming up in the court

High School Lifetime Fitness Curriculum Scope & Sequence

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s High School Lifetime Fitness Curriculum?

Distance sport fitness training workout. Young woman does yoga or stretching online at home
  • Our lessons are accessible and available 24/7.
  • The course consists of 7 chapters and more than 350 activities.
  • The curriculum calculators and activity planners will help you track your child’s work.
  • Our grading and recordkeeping systems are automated, and records are updated in real-time.
  • You can reach our customer service team via email, live chat, or voice call.
  • In our lessons, we use interactive tools, animations, diagrams, charts, graphs, and others.
  • Our curriculum is flexible, so you can change the courses and/or add new ones.
  • On-screen teachers combine engagement with humor to make lessons interesting.
  • Allowing students to determine their learning pace works well for students with different learning styles, gifted students, and special needs.
  • Students can retake lessons, quizzes, and tests until mastery is achieved.