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High School Online Curriculum

High School Online Curriculum

An inclusive curriculum for high school should consist of mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, and several electives. An education program for high school aims to help students get ready for the next phase of their lives after finishing high school, no matter what may happen, whether it is furthering their education or entering a field of employment.


Let’s Read English offers an online curriculum for high school students who use an interactive and pleasant approach. The flexible and self-paced program is established to enable students to work independently and develop at their own pace since they learn new concepts.


The article presents a summary of the online school curriculum from Let’s Read English along with the course subscriptions and the advantages of choosing the curriculum from Let’s Read English for your children.

Female high school teacher washing the chalkboard and teaching the class of ESL students.

Mathematics Curriculum for High School

A high school curriculum for mathematics enlarges the number of concepts that students started learning in middle school, for example, algebra and geometry. Some new topics are also included in the curriculum, such as calculus and trigonometry. Here are mathematics courses for high school provided by Let’s Read English:

The Curriculum of Language Arts for High School

A high school curriculum contains four years of English language arts courses. Students will scrutinize a variety of classical and up-to-date texts from different periods during this period as they reinforce their comprehension and literal-analysis techniques.


The English language arts curriculum also consists of vocabulary lessons, essay writing, and several activities that assist students in building up essential communication skills such as listening and speaking. Here is the online high school curriculum of the English language arts courses offered by Let’s Read English:

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Science Curriculum for High School

The high school curriculum in Let’s Read English contains three year-long courses. Video courses are conducted by experienced teachers who make the material accessible for students to follow and understand. Each lesson starts with a warm-up activity and guiding questions to encourage them to think critically, promote inquiry, and activate previous knowledge.


The online classes for high school students also consist of attractive virtual labs to implement what they have learned and more. Check out high school science courses from Let’s Read English below:

High School Electives

The education programs for high school students usually allow them to take a variety of electives each year, and the high school curriculum in Let’s Read English is similar to that. Students have various types of subjects and topics that they can choose from 14 electives courses available, including:

Learn more on our high school electives page

Why Choose High School Curriculum from Let's Read English?

 There are many reasons why the high school curriculum from Let’s Read English is very well-known among online schooling families. Besides preparing a comprehensive and award-winning curriculum for students, Let’s Read English also supplies some tools and resources that can save time and guide you by handling online courses with confidence.

The flexible and student-paced curriculum enables your child to log in and learn on time which is suitable for older students who are seeking independence and control of their studies. The online high school curriculum also provides plenty of opportunities for them to solve complicated topics with the option to repeat lessons and retake tests and quizzes.

Parents have access to several time-saving appliances such as detailed lesson schemes, activity planners, student reports, and more. Let’s Read English is also completed with an automated grading and record-keeping system that enables you to control your child’s improvement easily, print out their reports, and create online school portfolios. Comprehensive reports assist parents in developing an appropriate grade transcript for their high schooler. You can get more information about our online classes for high school students by clicking the links below:

Here are some of the advantages that you will get by signing up, whether you want to use the high school curriculum from Let’s Read English as your main curriculum or an addition.


As a Main Curriculum

As an Addition

  • An in-depth curriculum contains primary subjects and electives.
  • Interesting lessons, teaching videos, virtual labs, and others can make the learning session more fun.
  • The lesson plans provide comprehensive information on every lesson and activity for parents.
  • The student-paced method makes children with special needs feel comfortable and confident.
  • Parents do not have to evaluate assignments or examinations since we already have an automated grading and record-keeping system.
  • The flexible curriculum is perfect for several learning styles and online schooling methods.
  • Activity planners and curriculum calculators guide students to work without assistance and stay systematized.
  • The customer support team is available by phone, email as well as chat to answer your inquiries.
  • Students can work on essential topics and subjects and skip the ones that they do not need help with since there is no schedules or sequence to follow.
  • Students can change courses at any time to review initial concepts or start early next year.
  • Enjoyable and attractive online lessons offer an acceptable change from textbooks and workbooks.
  • Students can practice at any time, either after school or on weekends, since it is accessible 24/7.
  • Students can repeat their lessons and retake tests and quizzes to help them strengthen the challenging concepts.
  • Members can utilize the program without a contract as long as they need it and cancel at any time.
  • Online format saves money as you do not have to go to a learning center or hire a tutor.
  • In-depth lesson plans to aid students in locating particular topics within the curriculum quickly.