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High School Personal Wellness Curriculum

High School Personal Wellness Curriculum

As its name implies, the personal wellness course is meant to inform students on different areas of health and fitness. This class will take students through mental health, nutrition, and exercises.

You’ll find all the necessary information about the curriculum on this page and you’ll also find out what your child will learn. Most importantly, you’ll learn what students will benefit from Let’s Read English’s personal wellness curriculum.

Why Study Personal Wellness in High School?

We familiarize students with the factors that can influence their mental and physical health. We will teach them about the importance of good nutrition, regular exercises, and how to cope with stress. In the end, students will be armed with the knowledge to make good health and wellness decisions for themselves.

What Do You Learn in a High School Personal Wellness Class?

First off, we start off with the basics of fitness and health. And then, we’ll move on to the benefits of physical activity and the dangers of leading a sedentary life. We will also touch on the principles of exercise. In addition, your child will learn ways to manage conflicts effectively and how to manage peer pressure. In short, your child will learn all that will help him grow into a responsible and successful citizen.

We will drill down to the sources of stress and its negative impact on the human bodies. This will be followed by effective stress management strategies. Of course, they will learn some of the causes of mental health disorders, anxiety, and depression. Students will also learn how to prevent and cope with the disorders.

The course includes the dangers of alcohol and drug. Finally, your child will also get to know about communicable diseases and how to handle them.

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Why Choose Let’s Read English’s High School Personal Wellness Curriculum?

Let’s Read English’s wellness class covers numerous health and fitness concepts with different engaging materials. We teach our lessons with animations, charts, graphics, and other interactive tools. Our students have the liberty to learn at their own individual paces.

Here are other benefits of taking Let’s Read English’s personal wellness course.

  • Lessons and tests can be taken multiple times until the concepts are full understood.
  • Our curriculum calculators and activity planners will help students plan their learning.
  • We offer a full year’s worth of materials.
  • The course is broken down into almost ten chapters with over 400 activities.
  • The writing and reading assignments will improve your child’s literacy skills.
  • Let’s Read English’s curriculum can be used as a full curriculum for after-school skill building, or for summer learning.
  • Each lesson begins with guiding and thought-provoking questions to stimulate interest.
  • Interactive, self-paced approach works with all types of learning styles, gifted children and students with special needs.
  • Our curriculum has detailed lesson plans that give parents deep preview.
  • Students have the liberty to change topics or add new ones.
  • We don’t have any rigid schedules, so our students can take lessons whenever they want.
  • Our lessons are taught by experienced on-screen teachers.

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