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High School Psychology Curriculum

High School Psychology Curriculum

This course helps students to understand human behaviors. However, it is an elective course. The class covers topics like treatment and classification of disorders, research methods, history of psychology, and many more.

This page gives all the necessary information about the course, how Let’s Read English handles it, and why it is important for your child and other students.

  • Why Study Psychology in High School? 
  • What Do You Learn in High School Psychology? 
  • High School Psychology Curriculum Scope & Sequence
  • Why Choose Let’s Read English’s High School Psychology Curriculum?
  • Additional Electives 

Why Study Psychology in High School?

One of the reasons why this course is important is that it helps students to acquire some emotional and social learning skills and these skills boost mental health. It also improves students’ research skills. Most importantly, it helps students understand how their feelings determine their identity.

Students are also taken through social interactions, different personality types, and human development. At the end, our students will understand why people think the way they do, how the pendulum of people’s decision will swing, and why it will always swing in a certain direction.

What Do You Learn in High School Psychology?

The class introduces students to psychological concepts from cognitive, psychosocial, and biological perspectives. Also, students will be introduced to the theories surrounding human behavior, personality, learning and intelligence, and human development.

The course explores different disorders, their treatments, and their risk factors. High schoolers will also be taken through the science of group behaviors, individual interactions, socialization, and other forms of human interaction.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s High School Psychology Curriculum?

Let’s Read English’s curriculum comes with a full year’s study materials and lessons are taught with interactive videos, research projects, study tools, and other engaging academic resources. 

We also provide a self-paced learning approach, customizable study schedules, standard-based lessons, and the following benefits:

  • Students have 24/7 access to lessons.
  • Over 5 chapters with over 500 engaging and interactive activities.
  • All lessons, quizzes, and tests can be repeated to achieve mastery.
  • You can plan your child’s learning with curriculum calculators and activity planners. 
  • Our grading and recordkeeping systems are automated. 
  • Graphic organizers will help students organize their notes and learning materials.
  • Help videos support lessons to reinforce concepts. 
  • Let’s Read English’s curriculum can be used as a full curriculum, for after-school skill building, or for summer learning.
  • New topics can be added to your learning schedule while existing topics can be changed. 
  • Students learn at their individual paces and that covers all types of learning styles, gifted children or students with special needs.
  • Every lesson starts with a warm-up introduction that recalls prior related knowledge.