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High School Social Studies Curriculum

High School Social Studies Curriculum

Many colleges want students to take at least two years of social studies, history, and either civics or governments. That’s why Let’s Read English teaches high school social studies and our curriculum meets the state and national standards. 

We support our social studies course with two electives. Like all other courses, we make use of assignments, interactive projects, video instructions, and animations to present lessons. 

Whether you want a preparatory curriculum for college, or you just need a supplemental online coursework, Let’s Read English’ curriculum will meet your needs.

  • Teaching U.S. History 1 in High School
  • Teaching Survey of World History in High School
  • Teaching U.S. History 2 in High School
  • Teaching U.S. Government in High School
  • Social Studies Electives in High School
  • Why Choose Let’s Read English’s High School Social Studies Curriculum

Teaching U.S. History 1 in High School

Let’s Read English teaches high school students about important figures, systems of government, and historical events. We touch on the watersheds of American history and the overview of the United States history. The topics are taught in a chronological order from the exploration era to the modern times. 

We also give students reading and writing assignments just to help them improve their literacy skills. We also encourage them to think critically. Furthermore, we teach them how to gather and analyze information and write argumentative essays with the information. 

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Teaching Survey of World History in High School

World History is an area in social studies that colleges attach a lot of importance to. That’s why Let’s Read English’s social studies curriculum revolves around the World History. This class also takes students through the civilizations of Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. 

We also explore social, political, and economic revolutions. Let’s Read English’s World History class helps students compare and connect to people and events across various periods and geographical locations. Also, our specially selected teachers have been trained to take lessons with interactive and engaging activities. 

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Teaching U.S. History 2 in High School

This course is not required for admission into a college but it is important and its worth taking. The class is a year program that covers all the U.S. historical events that occurred from the period of the industrial revolution to modern times.

To make students get the significance of these historical events, the events are presented chronologically. To arouse students’ interest, each of the lessons starts with warm-up activities. Students also get to analyze videos, photographs, political cartoons, and historical artwork thematically. 

To connect student to some of the concepts, they get to watch or listen to speeches by past U.S. presidents and other historical figures. 

Here’s more about U.S. History II curriculum.

Teaching U.S. Government in High School

This one-semester course is a requirement for admission in many colleges. Here, Let’s Read English tries to introduce students to the procedures and principles of U.S. government. In addition, this course helps our students become responsible citizens that will always play their role in the political processes of our country. 

This course also improves student’s critical thinking ability. We raise the bar by including role-playing activities in which participants will apply some of what they have learned and their critical thinking skills. 

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Social Studies Electives in High School

Let’s Read English’s social studies curriculum covers topics like human interactions, civics, government, culture, and history. We offer it as a full course or as a preparatory class for college. Our social studies curriculum has been broken into the three electives below. Students can select any of them based on their interests or educational goals.

  • High School Economics Curriculum
  • High School Psychology Curriculum
  • High School Sociology Curriculum

Why Choose Let’s Read English High School Social Studies Curriculum

Let’s Read English’s on-screen teachers make use of interactive videos to teach students social studies concepts. The course is designed for students to study at their own pace. Lesson videos can be paused, replayed, and rewound to reduce the lesson speed. 

We offer the three social studies electives and four main courses. They can be taken as full curriculum or as an engaging afterschool tool to supplement your children’s learning.

Some of the benefits of our social studies curriculum are:

As a Full Curriculum

As a Supplement

  • Our lessons are presented thematically and chronologically and they include historical specimens like letters, essays, speeches, and other documents. 
  • Let’s Read English’s courses are in line with national and state standards. 
  • We encourage students to use CloseReader as it enhances reading. 
  • Every lesson can be taken several times until mastery is reached.
  • Let’s Read English offers automated lesson grades and real-time record updates which can be used for  Online school portfolios and high school transcripts.
  • We make use of different tests, quizzes, videos, and multimedia lessons to cater for students with different learning styles. 
  • Our recommended lesson sequence can be followed or changed.
  • The courses can be accessed immediately after sign-up.
  • Students have the liberty to learn at their individual paces. 
  • Students with different learning needs will enjoy the closed-captioning in our lesson videos.
  • You can view all the necessary information at a glance from the student dashboard.