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High School Survey of World History Online Curriculum

High School Survey of World History Online Curriculum

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A senior high school world history curriculum will contain the key event that affected the world’s history from the ancient period to the current events. Scholars will assess how ancient civilization advanced. From that section, they will move to social and economic revolutions and stop with a thorough study and scrutiny of modern history. However, our study of world history curriculum is among the four courses offered at the high school level.

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What is Taught in Survey of World History?

The study of world history inspires scholars to critically ponder history by connecting and analyzing events and people during each period and geography. Equipped with this knowledge, scholars tend to think about the past from diverse and comparative angles.

For a complete and outstanding world history curriculum for high school, the curriculum should contain lots of topics ranging from ancient time to this current period, including

  • The origin of man and the first agriculture revolution
  • The similarities and distinctions between old and new imperialism
  • The fall of the Roman Empire
  • The art and culture in the Middle Age
  • Colonization: the Europeans’ control of Africa
  • The approaches adopted by the Soviet Union and the U.S. and their friendly nation in fighting Cold War
  • The effect of medical technology and mass communication on a global level
As stated earlier, Let’s Read English endorses world history to Grade 10 students, but Teachers can pick other programs for the students.

Learning Objectives for Survey of World History

The study of the world history curriculum will initiate various objectives for scholars. In the end, learners can give the similarities and distinctions of past events and current ones, recognize the reoccurring ones in history, and finally devise means of solving those issues and also prepare argumentative papers on historical topics.

Vintage compass lies on an ancient world map.
  • Below are the objectives of the senior high school world history curriculum:
  • Elucidate how dividing the Roman Empire leads to its downfall.
  • Elucidate the features of feudalism in early Japan.
  • Indicate how English Kings in Medieval Europe changed government.
  • Examine the reason why North America was so attractive to the Europeans during the Renaissance.
  • Describe how problems of industrialization led to new economic postulations.
  • Point out the economic switch that happened in Europe and U.S. after World War I.
  • Juxtapose the parts women played in conventional societies with those in advanced countries.
  • Describe the part globalization played in creating new opportunities for corporations and businesses.

Why Choose Let's Read English Survey of World History Curriculum?

To keep learners glued to work, tutors can use our adaptive curriculum and active learning with some other interesting features on our platform. However, Let’s Read English’s study of world history curriculum was developed to give students a feel of what life looks like from the history of war down to technological innovation.

Combined with our expert tutors, interesting activities, and great interactive lessons, our program gives scholars the chance to scrutinize cultures and views from the past and present.

Here are some advantages tutors and tutees would get while using Let’s Read English’s study of the world history curriculum.

As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • Subtitles will help students with different learning needs.
  • We have various multimedia tools to make learning easy and interesting.
  • Our program has a thorough profile of events and significant figures throughout history
  • Record keeping Auto-grading tools helps to keep details for online school portfolio use.
  • Our curriculum has something called “CloseReader” that gives language support, text markup tool, etc.
  • We have features for checking and scoring essays in instructional order.
  • The outstanding curriculum that works with different online schooling styles.
  • Our world history program meets the state and national requirements.
  • Tutors can choose a program, and to make things easier, we have a course suggestion feature to help tutors and/or scholars do that.
  • Our program has a thorough profile of events and significant figures throughout history.
  • We have different learning styles that enhance learning.
  • Our tutors present lectures in a student-friendly way.
  • Teachers and Learners can access our program anytime from anywhere.
  • Our world history program meets the state and national requirements, making it the best after-school program.
  • Our interactive program keeps learners glued throughout the lectures.
  • Members can use our program as a summer learning program.

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