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High School U.S. Government Online Curriculum

High School U.S. Government Online Curriculum

This is a single-semester course that introduces the procedures and principles of government to students. This page gives complete information on the U.S. Government curriculum. You’ll also find out the topics to be taught in the class. Most importantly, you’ll find out how Let’s Read English’s curriculum can help your child learn the topics faster.


What is Taught in a U.S. Government High School Online Course?

In this class, we’ll take students through the origins of the principles that guide the U.S. Government. We’ll touch on how the Constitution was drafted and ratified and its series of Amendments. Your child will also learn the development of civil liberties and rights.

The course also covers the impact of the Supreme Court in upholding and defending constitutional rights. We’ll also go further to teach them the roles of the citizens and the function of government. To make the course complete, we’ll see students improve their writing skills by giving them writing assignments. They’ll have to write argumentative and informative essays.

Here are some of the topics to expect:

  1. Introduction to civics
  2. Civil liberties and rights
  3. The function of government institutions
  4. Explanation of the structure of the American Government
  5. Public Policy
  6. The American Constitution

What is Taught in a U.S. Government High School Online Course?

One of the objectives of this course is to prepare our students to become law-abiding citizens who understand their roles and responsibilities and are ready to perform them. They also need to understand their role in the political process.

Some of the learning goals of the course are:

Modern arts
  • The significance of the Supreme Court, the citizens, and civil rights and liberties.
  • The roles, responsibilities, and obligations of the citizens in government.
  • Routine writing
  • Development of vocabulary with new related terms and words.
  • The principles followed by the American government.
  • Ability to read advanced texts.
  • The structure of the tiers of government.
  • Ability to research, gather, analyze, and apply the information to make informed arguments.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s U.S. Government Curriculum for High School?

We have given a list of why students and their parents love our U.S. Government lessons. Your child can also enjoy the same benefits.

Find the reasons many families chose Let’s Read English’s U.S. Government course below:

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • When you subscribe, you’ll have access to the lesson plans, assessments, study materials, and other resources.
  • Our grading and recordkeeping are automated, and that helps parents create accurate high school transcripts.
  • Our curriculum calculator and activity planner will help to plan your child’s learning.
  • The curriculum conforms to the national standards.
  • Let’s Read English’s instruction videos have closed-captioning for students with different learning abilities.
  • Your child can learn at his own pace.
  • To make it engaging, we include real-life sources in our lessons
  • We use videos and visually appealing materials for different types of learners.
  • Students can learn after school or any other time because the course is available 24/7.
  • You can select specific topics and skip others.
  • Since there’s no contract involved, you can quit
  • Lesson is done online, in the comfort of your home.
  • Tests, quizzes, and lessons can be retaken for

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