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High School U.S. History II Curriculum

High School U.S. History II Curriculum

If you’re a tutor, parent, or full-time online schooler looking for a complete curriculum or supplement learning platform for senior high school students, Let’s Read English’s online U.S. history II curriculum has everything you need.

Our U.S. history II curriculum continues from where the previous stage stops (American history from Industrial Revolution to the modern age). Note: Our history I program starts from the era of exploration to the Industrial Revolution.

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How to Teach U.S. History II

Although tutoring U.S. history is satisfying, especially when your tutee is fascinated by social studies, it can be a daunting task because scholars understand why material is essential to them. There are so many names and dates in it, and some classes need knowledge of multiplex background and relationship. Our online course helps to demystify this as we have some tips to help you achieve that.

Here are some tips to use while teaching U.S. history II to high school students:

  • Start each lesson by assessing their previous knowledge to find out what they already know so you can fix the part they have little or no knowledge of.
  • Use different directives so learners can be flexible for the duration of learning. This includes writing, listening to content, discussion, etc.
  • Equip learners with the study requirement and make sure they have a conducive environment for learning.
  • Ask learners questions about their take on political issues, events, and some parts of American history.
  • Since high school students are busy with work, academics, and whatnot, help them to plan their work
  • Use images and photos online to make the study interesting
  • If possible, consider a field trip to historical places.
  • Feel free to make the class a memorable one.
  • Keep a record of your student’s progress and check the strategies they use for writing, note-taking, reading, studying, etc.

Be sure to use our free unit study supplements in all 50 states to expand the student’s vocabulary and knowledge.

U.S. History II Objectives

One aspect of tutoring U.S. history II successfully is recognizing learning goals and objectives for the student. The U.S. history II curriculum focuses on the acknowledgment of different concepts and the practice of various skills. So, pinpoint quantifiable goals and objectives that will enable you to check the student’s progress easily.

With our U.S. history II curriculum, scholars have the chance to:

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Why Choose Let's Read English U.S. History II Online School Curriculum?

At the high school level, the U.S. history II curriculum is among the four programs covered. The course is taught using various media channels (online) for the lectures like; instructional videos, tests, quizzes, etc., and offline projects.

As students advance in the U.S. history field, they will easily identify the different views and design propelling arguments with solid research. Our professional tutors, captivating learning programs, and interactive programs give learners the chance to examine how political movements and social movements changed U.S. society.

The topics we have in our U.S. History II program describe how the United States attained the world power level.

Below are some advantages of using Let’s Read English’s U.S. history II curriculum:

As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • We have over 12 chapters and 350+ programs in our U.S. history II curriculum.
  • Our curriculum encompasses events from the Revolution to the current world.
  • Our lectures start with questions that guide learners and warm-up programs to intrigue students.
  • Lessons integrate historical reports and enable learners to use the “CloseReader” to their advantage.
  • We use different multimedia tools to help individuals with varying styles of learning.
  • We provide both writing and project assessment.
  • Our advanced tools make creating online school portfolios easy.
  • We have professional teachers to make learning easy for students.
  • Subtitles for Students with different learning needs.
  • Learners can use the U.S. history II program as a summer school course or after-school reinforcement of learning.
  • Tutors can organize the tutees’ programs or plan for the tutee to take the whole program.
  • We have a different dimension to learning, which helps to strengthen the students’ knowledge.
  • You can relate our topics to traditional school topics.
  • Online presence enables members to use our services any time of the day.
  • Teachers have the option to start and stop instructions and can easily check the student’s progress.
  • Our American history II program is invaluable material for preparing tests.
  • Our lessons cover major historical events.
  • Learners can repeat lectures as much as they want.

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