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Interactive Math Games – Educational Math Activities

Interactive Math Games – Educational Math Activities

Math Anxiety for Kids

Math can be a tricky subject for kids. Many kids fear math and inherently consider they can’t solve math problems. For kids with weak math skills, the subject can be both difficult and confusing. Many kids thus consider math as boring and unimportant. Such kids develop so-called “math anxiety,” where they start to believe that they are not competent enough to solve math problems. These kids become panic-stricken and don’t think clearly when they face math problems.

For a subject like math, kids need a supportive environment to grasp the concepts and solve the problems. Let’s Read English provides such an environment for kids.  It offers interactive math activities and fun math games to keep the kids engaged and build a solid math foundation. This is useful for kids who feel they are bad at math. Such kids require extra time and effort to practice math problems and develop strong math concepts. Once they develop strong concepts, the stress and apprehensions about the subject disappear.

Let’s Read English’s online math learning program provides engaging math activities and interactive math games for kids.

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Home School Math and Developing a Solid Math Foundation

To learn a subject holistically, there should be practice, dedication, and motivation. Building a solid math foundation is not an easy task and requires extensive practice, dedication, and conceptual clarity. To create math awareness in kids and help them build an interest, math should become a daily routine. There are so many math problems that can be derived from our surroundings and can teach kids. Parents can go for online learning programs like Let’s Read English and play interactive math games like monopoly or blackjack to demonstrate various math techniques.

Tackling math can be related to reading. Kids learn the reading process when they see their parents speaking the words aloud and reading comprehension. With this process, the kids understand the use of letters and words, thus building the foundation for reading. This, of course, requires practice. A similar process is applicable for building math foundation. Just like reading, developing math skills need experience and practice. The kids can learn math fundamentals with things like counting (blocks, ladder steps in the house, etc.), shopping (how many items bought, total amount, etc.), and more. Home school math is thus very useful in teaching math to the kids. Simple day-to-day problems can be identified using home school math and applied to build the fundamentals.

With Let’s Read English, math lessons are taught by engaging characters in colorful and fun activities

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Interactive and Engaging Math Games

Let’s Read English uses interactive and engaging math games to build a solid math foundation in kids. These games are available for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary math curriculums. Let’s Read English also provides Let’sReadMathFacts which uses fun games to engage your kid in learning math fundamentals. The fun games allow the kids to practice math problems at home, keeping them engaged. This increases kids’ interest in learning math.

Let’s Read English math program includes interactive activities, puzzles, and mazes for teaching:

  • Math Basics (Features, Sets, and Following Directions)
  • Numbers & Quantity
  • Measurement & Math Patterns
  • Fractions & Estimation
  • 2D/3D Geometry
  • Probability & Data Analysis

The young kids get to learn the basics of math using these fun games. Let’s Read English math program integrates virtual math tools like calculators, clocks, protractors, thermometers, and more interactive math games. The engaging games also make home school math study easy and fun. Inactive math games use hands-on activities so that kids realize how math works in day-to-day life. From basic math concepts to challenging subjects like algebra, let’s Read English math curriculum challenges and engages your kid.

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