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Intrapersonal Learning Style

Intrapersonal Learning Style

An intrapersonal learner is someone or a learner who prefers to study on their own. Another name for an intrapersonal learner is a solitary learner. Students with this learning ability, like studying alone, are self-motivated and learn best when studying independently.

Intrapersonal learners like improving their personalities, and they spend much time in self-reflection. Solitary learners also enjoy a quiet environment for learning and personal lives.
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What Are the Intrapersonal Learner’s Characteristics?

Here are the major features of solitary/intrapersonal learner:

  • They always keep a diary
  • They like staying alone
  • They are not comfortable in a noisy place and large crowd
  • Solitary learners like to make plans and set goals
  • Intrapersonal learners find it challenging to open up to others
  • They have outstanding self-management dexterity
  • Learners with this capacity tend to have a strong self-esteem
  • They are exceptionally independent

Study Tips for Intrapersonal Learners

Being an intrapersonal learner is the second learning stage. The first learning stage includes visual, logical, auditory, and kinesthetic. However, be sure to check these learning stages to know your students’ first learning stage. Intrapersonal learners usually socialize with people that share the same first learning stage with them.

Intrapersonal learners like to work independently and are productive in a quiet environment. For them to excel, you have to give them lots of space. It is difficult for solitary learners to ask questions, so if you notice that they are struggling with their work, reach out to them quietly and help them with any challenge.

Here are some learning tips for solitary learners

  • Motivate them to keep a diary. This is to help them express their thoughts and emotion.
  • It is important to build trust with them, and to achieve that, you have to give them the space they need. This trust-building is important because it enables solitary learners to interact with you concerning any challenge they have.
  • Support their learning goals with their belief and personal interest.
  • Arrange their lessons according to their interest. For example, if your student is interested in acting, compile a list of important figures, features, and more in the field (acting).
  • Integrate field trip to help engage intrapersonal learners
  • Try to expose these learners to social opportunities by asking questions about what they are reflecting on.
  • Be sure to have various resources like websites, videos, and books for intrapersonal learners to use.
  • Be sure to provide a quiet learning place for solitary learners.
  • Use catalog and mark completed items. This is because intrapersonal learners like using this strategy when learning as it compels them to complete tasks.
  • Strengthen the knowledge of learning material by connecting classes to similar topics. By doing this, you can encourage these learners to stay glued.

How Let’s Read English Works for Intrapersonal Learners

Our online curriculum works perfectly well for solitary learners. The mobility it offers enables intrapersonal learners to work on a personal level and at their pace.

Let’s Read English is an online school curriculum that teaches all subjects in a multimedia form using interactive and appealing methods.

Here are some reasons why parents of children with this learning ability always choose Let’s Read English as their primary curriculum:

  • Our platform enables solitary learners to study alone without consulting any tutor.
  • We have lots of opportunities for learners to reflect on what they studied by asking relevant questions.
  • Our curriculum is goal-oriented and enables scholars and/or parents/tutors to check progress.
  • We have printable worksheets and segment study supplement that gives outstanding learning material which the students can complete at any time.
  • Scholars can retake assignments if they don’t comprehend the material the first time.
  • In each subject, users have access to more than grade level to work at their pace.

Sign up for Let’s Read English to have access to lots of educational resources that will intrigue and motivate your child to improve in their academy. Make Let’s Read English your resource for teaching solitary learners.

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