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Introduction to Communications and Speech for High School

Introduction to Communications and Speech for High School

The introduction to communications and speech class is a full-year course that showcases teacher communication through involvement and online collaborative tools. Students will acquire knowledge about the components, characteristics, and origins of communication through interactive activities and thought-provoking lectures.


You can review the following material if you need more information on what students learn in the introduction to communications and speech, as well as why this curriculum from Let’s Read English is a well-known option for parents:

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Why Should Students Learn Communications and Speech in High School?

Students would not be able to interact with one another effectively without communication and speech skills because it is fundamental to what they do in their daily lives. The introduction to communications and speech class educates students effectively on how to notify and clarify themselves, appraise and distinguish ideas, and give insights into and non-verbal, verbal messages.


Students will be more confident in meeting others, evolving their critical-thinking skills, making persuasive spoken and written messages, and the list goes on through communication and speech. Besides learning valuable life skills, they will also reinforce their skills for future professional purposes by improving their communications.

What Do Students Learn in the Introduction to Communications and Speech Course?

The communication and speech curriculum for high school typically starts by creating a powerful basis in human communication elements, principles, and characteristics. Students will explore more topics in this foundation, such as self-knowledge and self-perception, public speaking, and the gender differences in the fields of listening and responding.

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  • The elements that influence the quality of communication along with interpersonal relationships, gender, and culture.
  • The verbal and non-verbal features of human communication.
  • Appraise and analyze public speeches.
  • Explore communication on multiple levels as well as interpersonal, small group, and organizational.

The Scope and Sequence of Introduction to Communication and Speech for High School

Why Choose Introduction to Communications and Speech Course from Let's Read English?

The introduction to communications and speech class from Let’s Read English employs an effective formula that incorporates interactive lessons, teacher communication, engaging lectures, and visual tools. This approach motivates students to use the skills they learn in daily activities, which can help them to become better communicators and listeners.


Let’s Read English also provides other benefits for your students if they are interested in our high school introduction to communications and speech curriculum:

  • Seven chapters and more than 300 activities create a comprehension of the elements, principles, and features of human communication.
  • Captivating insight into verbal and non-verbal messages and cultural and gender differences in the fields of listening and responding.
  • Interactive lessons that contain a mixture of teaching videos and tasks.
  • Excellent graphics, charts, diagrams, animations, and interactive tools assist students to connect and envision the content.
  • It has an automated grading and tracking system that monitors the development of your students and keeps reports for online school portfolio usage.
  • Exhilarating visuals, written, spoken, and manual materials to involve different types of learners.
  • The CloseReaderTM system, a set of mark-up tools, and a supportive reading environment are included to support the close and active text reading.
  • Students can learn at any time, either day or evening, as it is accessible 24/7.
  • Students will be motivated to plan their year and work independently with the activity planner and curriculum calculator.

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