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Johns Hopkins Center and Let’s Read English

Johns Hopkins University Center and Let's Read English

Are you considering enrolling your child in Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth as part of online schooling?
Online schooling can benefit your child in many ways. Today, there are multiple options for parents when it comes to online schools. With an extensive curriculum and quality of education, parents can either go for one online school or a combination of different online schools. Parents can choose an online school program based on the learning caliber of their child. Johns Hopkins and Let’s Read English focus on providing quality education to your child. You can get your child enrolled in the English programs in both Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and Let’s Read English for overall English language development.
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Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) offers multiple online programs for academically advanced children. CTY is dedicated to children who have focused learning goals. These programs are accredited for children in grades 2-12. The program consists of courses like Maths, English language, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Science, Computer Science, and more. For enrolment in any of the courses, a child has to undertake a grade-level test. If the child passes the test, he/she can get enrolled.

Tracking child’s progress? There are primarily three types of learning programs available in CTY – Individually Paced, Session-Based, and Problem-Based. While Individually Paced and Session-Based programs are available for grades 2-12, the Problem-Based is available for grades 7-12. An instructor is assigned for managing the learning journey of the students. The instructor will help the students with all the material, goals, and assignments. Lessons involving proper information, practice problems, and more will be provided to the students through online classroom or pre-saved lectures on CD-ROM or related devices. The instructor does the assignment of grades and the creation of the progress report. The completed course material is sent to the student after the course ends. This also helps parents to track the progress of their child.

Cost Comparison of Johns Hopkins Center vs. Let's Read English

The tuition fee for various courses in Johns Hopkins Center ranges from $350 to $1995. This fee is excluding the books and materials. The cost varies as per the program and the course for which the student is enrolled. Apart, applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $15. For example – for the Session-Based English program and the course “Critical Reading and grammar,” the price is $640.

The fee of Let’s Read English is quite affordable. When compared to many tuition and education centers, the price is meager. The monthly tuition fee of these centers is more than the Let’s Read English half-yearly fee. Let’s Read English also provides a 14-day money-back guarantee, which means that if you’re not satisfied, your money will be returned with no questions asked. Parents can stop and start the program at any time, depending on them.

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Let's Read English Works with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Program

Students can use the Let’s Read English program alongside English courses offered in the Center for Talented Program. For example, a child can enroll in critical reading and grammar with John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Program. The child can also enroll in the comprehensive English course with Let’s Read English to have a more comprehensive English language view. Enrolling in both the courses can help the child have a good command of English.

Let’s Read English works for every child, so you don’t have to worry as a parent. Your child will be provided with all the study material posted online. Also, you will be provided with the progress report at regular intervals so that you can track the progress report of your child.

Let’s Read English, as stated before, is very much affordable. A minimal fee is required to be paid for the program. Moreover, as there are 14 days money-back guarantee, you can rest assured about the quality of the course. You can assess the course as per your child’s caliber and move on or drop the course. No questions asked. Such flexibility lets go of any risk. Therefore, you can enroll your child in Let’s Read English alongside Johns Hopkin Center for Talented Youth Program.

*Note – Let’s Read English is not affiliated with Johns Hopkin Center for Talented Youth Program. Let’s Read English’s purpose here is to enlighten the families about different courses that can benefit their child.

Helpful Tools and Resources

Welcome to Online Schooling Guide – New to online schooling? This guide is written by experienced online schoolers and aims at answering all the questions relating to the course that are bothering parents and families.

Lessons Overview – The plan provides an overview of lessons that are available for each grade.

Online School Portfolio Information It answers some common questions around online school portfolios and evaluations. The guide includes tips on organization methods and how Let’s Read English can be used as part of your online school portfolio.

Parent’s Forum – Using this Forum, you can talk to online schoolers in your area, have discussions, and communicate with other online schooling parents. In short, it is an interactive portal that can help solve most of your real-time queries. Also, keeping in touch with seasoned online schoolers will help make your child’s online schooling journey a success.

Self Help Section – Whether you’re an existing member, or new to Let’s Read English, or a future member looking for different answers, this section is your go-to tool. If you have any doubts about the program and its features, head onto this section to clarify. We already know most of your queries and have answered them in-depth here.

Let's Read English Program Structure

Let’s Read English program has been designed after consulting multiple educators, parents, and students. The lessons are divided into multiple categories and organized in such a way that is easy for the students to understand. The program also consists of assessments and assignments for evaluating the students at regular intervals. The most important aspect of the program is that a student can learn at his/her own pace.

The students can log in to the program, pick a lesson, complete the activities, and that’s it. There are assignments at the end of each lesson that is mandatory for the students to complete. To evaluate the student, various assessments have been created that are in line with the program curriculum.

Through our online Parent Forum, parents will get the necessary support and access to all the teaching tools, program structure, and detailed reporting.

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We understand that every student is special and unique in his/her way, and that’s why we have created a comprehensive program to cater to the needs of different students keeping in mind the program’s quality.

We hope you embark on this super exciting English learning journey with us and make your child have complete command over the English language.