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Language Arts Lesson Plans for First Grade

Language Arts Lesson Plans for First Grade

The complete lesson plans outlined below present a detailed list of the language arts curriculum and language arts addition for first grade from Let’s Read English, a voluntary supplement to the language arts curriculum.

Language arts for first grade include:

multicolored cans with paint, arts background
  1. Language Arts – 420 Activities
  2. Language Arts Extensions – 355 Activities

Members commonly use this article as a resource for more precise planning to select particular activities by using the activity finder or distinguish our curriculum with state standards and homeschooling laws.

What Is Included In The Lesson Plan Of Let's Read English?

  1. Comprehensive language arts curriculum for first grade with 35 chapters, over 775 activities, worksheets, and quizzes.
  2. Chapter lesson with precise descriptions of the content included.
  3. Various types of activity to generate skill mastery such as non-scored activities, answer keys for the printable quiz, and quizzes.
  4. The materials presented are covered with lesson worksheets and answer keys.
  5. Uncomplicated access to extra chapters within each subject.

Students who signed up for first-grade language arts in Let’s Read English will access both kindergarten and second-grade lessons as part of their memberships. It allows them to study or review at their own pace.

Language Arts Lesson Plan - First Grade Curriculum

Total Number of Activities: 420

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Chapter Test: under the Sea

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Chapter Test: Playtime in the Park

[elementor-template id=”7222″]

Chapter Test: Let’s Go On a Safari

[elementor-template id=”7229″]

Chapter Test: What’s Cooking?

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Language Arts Additions Lesson Plan - First Grade Curriculum

Total Number of Activities: 355

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Chapter Test: Pollution – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7327″]

Chapter Test: Oceans – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7328″]

Chapter Test: Weather – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7329″]

Chapter Test: The Sun – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7364″]

Chapter Test: Planets – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7365″]

Chapter Test: Constellations – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7366″]

Chapter Test: Native Americans – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7367″]

Chapter Test: Early America – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7368″]

Chapter Test: America Grows – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Plants – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Biomes – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Farm Animals – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Vertebrates & Invertebrates – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Mammals – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Marine Animals – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Seasons – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Cultural Holidays – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Safety – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Neighborhoods – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Jobs in your Neighborhood – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7370″]

Chapter Test: Travel – ILA

[elementor-template id=”7369″]

Chapter Test: Values – ILA

Lesson Activity Finder Tool

The lesson activity finder is one of the numerous useful tools that Let’s Read English provides for members. The activity finder is an alternative route for parents to preview lessons or find additional practices for their children easily.

Each lesson in the curriculum has a rare activity number referred to in the lesson plans as an “LA Number.” These numbers can be detected either on the scope and sequence pages or the lesson plans in the Parent Dashboard.

Please check our hints and help section for more information which provides more details about the activity finder.

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