Let's Read English

Language Arts Online Curriculum

Language Arts Online Curriculum

English Language Arts is a program that is designed to build the required skills to enable the students to speak, read, and write English well. The Let’s Read English language arts curriculum is built to educate students via comprehension, writing, grammar, reading fluency, and more. The courses are taught online with interactive modules. Also, each of the modules requires students to take quizzes and tests. The results of these tests will help parents to assess the performance of their child. You might also be glad to find out that the curriculum allows students to move at their own different paces. They sometimes take a test more than once if their performance in the first test isn’t satisfactory. The good news is, they always do better the second time.

Why is Language Arts Important?

First of all, what is language arts? It is a subject that is geared towards the development of students’ ability to comprehend spoken and written language. That’s why language skill is an indispensable part of our online curriculum. Without a good understanding of language arts, learning cannot take place. Language arts help children to be better oral and written communicators because the skill widens as they grow older as long as their foundation is sound.

What do You Learn in Language Arts?

Since a language arts curriculum is designed to help students pick up their ability to listen, speak, read, and write well, it comprises the following subjects.

Spelling – This subject teaches the student how to identify, memorize and pronounce certain combinations of letters. It also covers the relationship between letters and sounds. This will help students understand the difference between consonants and vowels and how they relate to themselves. Most importantly, students will learn the etymology of words and how to avoid commonly misspelled words here.

Grammar – In this subject, students will learn how to use parts of speech, punctuations and how to construct grammatically correct sentences.

Phonics – This subject helps students with the correct pronunciation of the words. It teaches them how words sound. The objective of this subject is fluency in spoken words and written text.

Writing – This is about constructing sentences and paragraphs, following laid down rules and conventions. It covers various types and levels of sentence compositions.

Vocabulary – This subject is meant to teach parts of speech, synonyms, suffixes, prefixes, and antonyms. When students understand these fundamentals, it will improve their oral expressions and writing skills.

Reading – Students need to be able to read and also understand what they’re reading. That’s what this subject does. It helps them pick up logical reasoning, dissection, and analysis of the text. Most importantly, it helps make a reasonable inference from whatever they have read.

Language Arts Curriculum Overview

Let’s Read English offers a comprehensive preschool-twelfth grade language arts curriculum that meets and exceeds the national standards. To make it interesting, the courses are delivered with the use of instructional videos and animations. Apart from online tests, the curriculum includes both online and offline assignments. This curriculum is designed to build their communication skills from the tender age to college and beyond. Here is a breakdown of how language arts is taught.
  • Grades
  • K-2
  • 3-6
  • 7-8
  • Language Arts Lessons
  • Here, the focus is on the sounds of letters in words. It helps students pick up their reading skills early enough.
  • Teachings that improve writing skills, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.
  • It helps to improve their vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills. The program includes practice and assessment.
  • Language Arts Extensions
  • Thematic-based method of teaching reading and phonics.
  • These lessons help students to improve on reading comprehension, writing, grammar, and cover spelling.
  • Teaching material for students to improve reading comprehension and writing skills.

Language Arts Preschool Curriculum

Based on this curriculum, preschoolers are given fun activities that will help them build their pre-reading skills. The best part is that these programs do not feel like schoolwork. So, the children think they are playing. The curriculum includes themes like Days of the Week, My ABC… etc.

Language Arts Kindergarten Curriculum

This curriculum helps kindergarten students understand letters and the sounds these letters make. This is done in fun ways, and that keeps the kids engrossed. Let’s Read English helps the children to develop a solid foundation in reading through phonics.

Language Arts Elementary Curriculum

The Let’s Read English curriculum helps students in first through fifth grades develop strong writing, reading comprehension, grammar, phonics, and reading fluency. In addition, there’s Language Arts Extension that covers spelling, literature, and other areas.

Language Arts Middle School Curriculum

For the students in middle school, the Let’s Read English curriculum consolidates their skills in writing, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and parts of speech. This is done via the use of cause and effect, point-of-view, figurative language, and context clues.

Language Arts High School Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to teach students in high school advanced writing and reading skills. It goes further to teach them how to analyze different parts of a story using poetry, drama, and other aspects of literary genres. This curriculum prepares them for college and career.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s Language Arts Curriculum

Let’s Read English’s Curriculum is the best for homeschoolers because:

  • It prepares them for college and career.
  • It has flexible and customizable lesson structures.
  • It is accessible to and available to students from all time zones 24 hours a day.
  • It includes quizzes, instructional videos, and animations.
  • It is compliant with all states’ regulations and meets its standards.
  • It improves students’ analytic and interpretational skills.
  • It includes visual and auditory elements to aid learning.

The Let’s Read English Language Arts curriculum for students with special needs, gives fun and engaging learning methods that get them excited, engrossed, and inspired. This is because the lessons are multimedia-based. This helps the students to retain information longer and process it faster. Since it is customizable, each of the students can progress at different paces.