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Language Arts Online School Curriculum

Language Arts Online School Curriculum

English Language Arts, also known as ELA or language arts, is an in-depth literacy program meant to widen students’ communication skills by enhancing their understanding of the English language by reading, writing, and speaking.

Let’s Read English curriculum is planned to quip students from PreK-12th grades with a thorough and quality education that includes writing, grammar, phonics and reading fluency, and more.  Our curriculum is online and is taught via interactive classes and activities like tests and exams, which help tutor/parents to assess their tutee/child’s understanding of each lesson. The most amazing part of Let’s Read English’s online school language arts curriculum is that it uses student-based strategies that enable members to retake classes, activities, tests, exams the need be.

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Why is Language Arts Important?

Merriam-Webmaster defined language as the subject that tends to enhance students’ understanding and capability to use oral and written language. Subject in the definition refers to “literature, reading, composition, and spelling.” The key factor of language arts is reading and writing, which makes it an essential part of your child’s online school curriculum. However, these components are the foundation for learning. Language arts help young scholars develop their literacy level, phonetic awareness and boost their reading and writing skills.

What do You Learn in Language Arts?

A language arts curriculum is planned to improve further student’s literacy levels, including listening, writing, reading, and speaking. To achieve this, the English Language Arts curriculum will contain the following subjects:

  • Phonics – comprehending voices via symbols or letter identifications, decoding and blending is the basis for reading and rereading that steers fluency. However, fluency is the expertise to voice out familiar and unfamiliar words while reading.
  • Reading – developing critical thinking expertise in reading comprehension, asking questions, examining characters, comparing and contrasting, summarizing, and more creates a better acknowledgment of literature.
  • Grammar – Building expertise in punctuation, verb tense, spelling, sentence types, and parts of speech improves listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • Vocabulary – Learning several meanings, prefixes, parts of speech, synonyms, suffixes, and more will help improve scholars’ writing and speaking expertise.
  • Writing – Starting with early-stage writing, using the writing process, several composition genres, and more develops scholars’ writing ability.
  • Spelling – learning a particular letter combination, acknowledging the connection between letters and sounds, and more

Language Arts Curriculum Overview

Let’s Read English gives a total preschool-twelfth grade online language arts curriculum, which has the same standard as the curriculum in all states. We deliver lectures using instructional videos, tests, exams, animated programs, and more planned to improve and develop learners’ literacy levels.

Language arts is delivered in the following form:


Language Arts Lessons

Language Arts Extensions


Organized phonics-based, this teaches how to read. Much focus is attached to a systematic strategy for text components and letter sounds.

Thematic-based strategy for reading. Scholars traverse phonics via a sequence of narratives that are not organized.


A complete sequence of lectures to enhance reading comprehension, writings, and vocabulary. Lectures give scholars instructions, assignments, and the room to practice.

Training classes allow scholars to practice and instructional programs which include grammar, spelling, reading, and writing.


Total sequence of classes to enhance reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills. Classes give scholars instruction, assessment, and practice.

Auxiliary instructional classes and resources for scholars to boost reading and writing skills

Language Arts Preschool Curriculum

Pre-k learners will start developing their pre-reading expertise with interesting activities and programs that are designed to make learning easy for their level. The Pre-K language arts curriculum has different themes like At the Zoo, My ABCs, and more

Language Arts Kindergarten Curriculum

For kindergarten learners who are at the early stage of knowing letters and sounds, Let’s Read English’s Language arts curriculum helps them to learn in a fun and fascinating ways. Learners also develop a strong foundation and comprehensive knowledge of phonics before they start reading.

Language Arts Elementary Curriculum

For elementary scholars, the Let’s Read English Language Arts curriculum centers on learning different phonics and reading proficiency skills at the first stage, followed by writing skills, reading, building grammar, and more at a later stage. Scholars can as well access language art extension, which includes spelling rules, literature, and more

Language Arts Middle School Curriculum

With Let’s Read English’s language arts curriculum, middle school scholars will be learning how to improve their writing skills, literature skills, and comprehension. Scholars will also learn more about complex issues in different literary genres and also improve their grammar, lexicon, and their parts of speech knowledge. Advanced comprehension expertise is built by the use of figurative language, context clues, and more

Language Arts High School Curriculum

The senior high school English Language Arts curriculum, is arranged into different courses to help learners gain college results and be career-ready. The senior high school English program lays more emphasis on writing. Reading expertise is also the central part, teaching learners to scrutinize all aspects of a story in fiction and nonfiction passage.

Why Choose Let's Read English's Language Arts Curriculum

Here are the rationales why online schoolers around the world choose Let’s Read English’s online English Language Arts curriculum as their main curriculum:

An in-depth program built to develop solid literacy level

It integrates clear videos and aural components to improve learning

Let’s Read English curriculum helps scholars to enhance their expertise in literary analysis and interpretation

  • It tallies with all state standards
  • Our variety of programs and teaching formats to motivate learners
  • Our courses are accessible to everyone regardless of time and location
  • Users can customize programs to suit their needs
  • It ensures college and career preparedness

For students with special needs, the Let’s Read English ELA curriculum gives an interesting lecture that inspires learners to study more. Our various program forms keep scholars glued to their studies. Scholars can learn at their pace to access a grade level above and one below, enabling the parents to customize the curriculum to suit their child’s needs.