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Lesson Planning and Activity Online Planners

Lesson Planning and Activity Online Planners

Let’s Read English understands the importance of lesson plans, and that’s why we have provided lesson and activity planners for you. Lesson plans will help you schedule your child’s learning, and it also allows you to stay on track and monitor his progress.
This page gives you all the necessary information on Let’s Read English plans and how to get the best from its activity planner.
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Preparing Your Lesson Plans

To start your lesson planning, you need to find out what students should learn. And the standards aren’t static. They’re continually modified. Let’s Read English knows this, and that’s why we are always abreast of all states’ standards.
Although our lesson plans follow a specific sequence, they are flexible. You don’t have to follow the order. In order words, you can skip any lesson and come back to it later.

A good lesson plan should have the following:  

  • Regular assessments
  • Lessons and their instructional materials
  • Goals and objectives
  • Practice opportunities
  • Warm-ups
While the structure of lesson plans varies from course to course, they have some basic similarities. They all include lessons, instructional materials, assessments, and other activities. And the lessons all follow the 5E model – Evaluate, Elaborate, Explain. Explore, and Engage.
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Lesson Planning by Grade

Let’s Read English presents topics in chronological order even though students do not have to follow the sequence. We save your time by providing all the information and materials you need to start learning independently.
Here are the links to some of our lesson plans. It is by grades: 

Benefits and Features of the Let’s Read English Activity Planner

We provide lesson plans and also include tools with which parents can make their plans. One of the tools is a curriculum calculator that gives the number of activities your child should complete in a day, week, and month to finish the curriculum by the end of the year. You can check how some parents used the Let’s Read English tools to keep their children’s online school programs organized and track.

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  • Completed activities and what’s yet to be done
  • Selection of custom start and end date
  • Your customized lesson plans can be printed as an Excel or a PDF file
  • Activities, lessons, or even chapters can be removed
  • Every plan automatically syncs with your child’s courses
  • Breaks and holidays can be added
  • Activities can be programmed to appear only on their scheduled days in the students’ dashboard
  • Completed activities can be marked as completed to avoid confusion
  • Activities can be removed in groups as against individual removal
  • Parents and students can exchange messages