Let's Read English

Let’s Read English as to an Alternative to SuccessMaker

Let's Read English as to an Alternative to SuccessMaker

Searching for an alternative to SuccessMaker? Try Let's Read English!

Here are the few reasons why Let’s Read English is beneficial to your child:

  • Let’s Read English uses multimedia sources and activities that keep the child engaged. It mixes study with fun to make learning easier for the child. At Let’s Read English, the teaching standard is maintained high, and the course curriculum is similar to the one used in schools. This means that the course is divided grade-wise, which helps in the step-by-step growth of the child.
  • As part of the course, your child gets access to a grade above and a grade below the current level he/she is learning. This gives flexibility to the child to review the course structure and learn things at his/her own will.
  • At Let’s Read English, the teaching methods are diverse. The child gets multiple options through which he/she can understand and grasp the concepts. If a child answers a question incorrectly, an alternative learning method is used for explanation.
  • Useful tools like Activity Finder help the parents and child focus on the specific lesson and particular activities.
  • The lesson settings can be tweaked using grade level independently. This ensures that the students can access lessons as per different grades without being stuck in a particular grade level.

Let’s Read English combines technology with education, making learning fun. The program is affordable, and once you buy, you get access to all the lessons. Let’s Read English also provides a two-week money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the program. This rest assures that the program is worth your time and money.

Lesson Activity Finder Tool

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Let’s Read English program provides a helpful tool called the Lesson Activity Finder. This tool helps the parents and students to preview the course structure and lessons and also helps in finding multiple related activities.

As part of the Let’s Read English program, every lesson in the course has a unique activity number denoted as “LA Number.” This unique number can be found in the scope and sequence section or the overview of the lessons in the Parent Dashboard.

The Activity Finder tool can be easily accessed from the Student Dashboard in the lower left-hand corner. Parents need to log in to the student’s account, enter the LA Number in the Activity Finder tool, and click on “Go” to access a specific lesson or activity.

For detailed information on the Activity Finder tool, check out our hints and help section.

Let's Read English Program Structure

Let’s Read English program has been designed after consulting multiple educators, parents, and students. The lessons are divided into multiple categories and organized in such a way that is easy for the students to understand. The program also consists of assessments and assignments for evaluating the students at regular intervals. The most important aspect of the program is that a student can learn at his/her own pace.

The students can log in to the program, pick a lesson, complete the activities, and that’s it. There are assignments at the end of each lesson that is mandatory for the students to complete. To evaluate the student, various assessments have been created that are in line with the program curriculum.

Through our online Parent Forum, parents will get the necessary support and access to all the teaching tools, program structure, and detailed reporting.

We understand that every student is special and unique in his/her way, and that’s why we have created a comprehensive program to cater to the needs of different students keeping in mind the program’s quality.

We hope you embark on this super exciting English learning journey with us and make your child have complete command over the English language.

Let's Read English and SuccessMaker®

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Let’s Read English is one of the top online English learning programs and is similar to SuccessMaker®. Let’s Read English provides a comprehensive course structure tailored to the student’s needs. The program also aligns to different learning styles and caters to both parents’ and students’ needs. Imparting education in a fun way, Let’s Read English focuses on each lesson and related activities. The lessons are interactive and engaging. With a comprehensive course curriculum, Let’s Read English provides holistic and pointed learning to shape the child’s growth. The activities make the students more aware and help them put the learning into use in the real world.

SuccessMaker® is the registered trademark of Savvas Learning Co. Let’s Read English is not in any way related or affiliated with Savvas Learning Co. Let’s Read English’s purpose here is to apprise the families about different programs, curriculum, and teaching methods that can benefit their child. Let’s Read English products and services are not endorsed by Savvas Learning. Co.