Let's Read English

Let’s Read English’s Structured Learning System

Let’s Read English’s Structured Learning System

At Let’s Read English, your child gets best in class preschool learning, Learning to Read curriculum, A Kid Safe Environment, phonics worksheets, multimedia lessons, and multiple other educational activities.

Preschool is an essential part of kids’ education. A child learns basic skills and solid concepts as part of the preschool. Not only this, but the child also absorbs various learning patterns and identifies his/her learning style as part of the curriculum. The primary aim of the preschool is to make the child develop learning skills, practice focus, follow instructions, and develop cognitive, social, and behavioral skills. Let’s Read English provides a learning platform for preschool kids in the same way any school does. It helps the kids identify constructive learning patterns, develop educational habits, and work on specific studying skills. Even the basic skills of computers are also part of preschool education today. So, you can realize how preschool curriculum has developed over the years.

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Let’s Read English LRELessonTime System

Let’s Read English’s LRELessonTime is a unique system that is different from other learning systems. It is something that is never heard of before. Let’s Read English LRELessonTime offers a goal-oriented system that is useful for targeted learning. The Let’s Read English LRELessonTime system has an in-built mechanism using which it assesses the weakness and strength of a student and creates a personalized learning path. The system comprises multiple interactive activities, games, and a learning schedule such that the child remains engaged. It is also important to note that the system takes care of the child’s grade and aligns the learning process accordingly.

The LRELessonTime system also supports different learning styles for different students, provides instructional strategies, and integrates specific assessments to enhance learning. In a nutshell, LRELessonTime system is similar to what is generally taught in schools, but where your child has the advantage of learning in home comfort.

Let’s Read English Unique Structure

Let’s Read English has a unique structure and is beneficial and valuable in many ways:

  • The format of the program is such that it focuses on deep learning with parent management. The program aims to study and play interactive games, making it a top choice for parents, among other programs.
  • Let’s Read English program provides a structure of lessons sequenced so that the learning starts from preschool level and builds on step-by-step till the time child learns to read. The program aims to develop concepts and essential skills so that the child can follow excellence. Some parents provide such learning by collecting material from the internet or buying a similar course from the store.

Let’s Read English Educational Program

Let’s Read English is a comprehensive, structured, skilled, and interactive online educational program spanning from preschool to high school.


Let’s Read English Program Structure

Let’s Read English program has been designed after consulting multiple educators, parents, and students. The lessons are divided into multiple categories and organized in such a way that is easy for the students to understand. The program also consists of assessments and assignments for evaluating the students at regular intervals. The most important aspect of the program is that a student can learn at his/her own pace.

The students can log in to the program, pick a lesson, complete the activities, and that’s it. There are assignments at the end of each lesson that is mandatory for the students to complete. To evaluate the student, various assessments have been created that are in line with the program curriculum.

Through our online Parent Forum, parents will get the necessary support and access to all the teaching tools, program structure, and detailed reporting.

We understand that every student is special and unique in his/her way, and that’s why we have created a comprehensive program to cater to the needs of different students keeping in mind the program’s quality.

We hope you embark on this super exciting English learning journey with us and make your child have complete command over the English language.