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List of High School Online Electives

List of High School Online Electives

Electives are important courses outside the core curriculum. Some of them give students the skills and knowledge that they need to apply in some core courses.

This page gives you all the necessary information on the electives, some of the topics covered, and why Let’s Read English’s curriculums are the best.

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Why Are Electives Important in High School?

Electives play important roles in students’ future careers and help them (students) bring out their passion and talents. That’s why electives are as important as core courses.

Here are ways by which elective courses help to shape your children’s careers:

This page gives you all the necessary information on the electives, some of the topics covered, and why Let’s Read English’s curriculums are the best.

  • They stimulate new interests and activate abilities in students.
  • The electives build skills and knowledge that are useful for core courses.
  • Electives prepare students for course requirements in colleges.
  • Customized learning paths.
  • Electives pull students towards their potential career paths.

How Many Electives Can You Take in High School?

While colleges prefer students to take about 5-7 electives, parents can increase the number. So, it depends on the career paths, skills, and interests of the students.

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How to Choose High School Electives

College requirements determine the choice of electives of students, but other factors influence the decision as well. Some of the factors that will determine your child’s electives are:

  • Choice of future careers
  • Required life skills that they want to acquire or improve
  • Personal interests
  • Self-improvement objectives

List of Electives for Online Schoolers

Let’s Read English offers 14 high school electives. They are listed below, and you can click any of them to find out more details.

Apart from the 14 electives, students can also take our premium electives such as writing courses, foreign language, spelling remediation, and vocabulary development.

Why Choose Let's Read English's Online School Electives?

The electives help students with a range of learning scaffolds, interactive activities, and writing assignments. Most importantly, Let’s Read English’s electives are designed for students to learn independently and move at their pace.

These are some of the reasons why many parents prefer Let’s Read English’s electives:

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  • 24/7 availability that allows students to learn whenever they like.
  • Students can plan their lessons with our curriculum calculators and activity planners.
  • Our grading system and recordkeeping are automatic.
  • Let’s Read English offers different  learning styles with various lesson materials like virtual labs, instructional videos, and more.
  • Our comprehensive reports make it easy for parents to create an accurate transcript.
  • Our lesson plans are detailed and comprehensive.
  • Let’s Read English’s curriculum works well for different schooling styles and supports students with special needs.