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List of Online Electives for High School

List of Online Electives for High School

High school electives are courses outside of the core curriculum that allows students to explore particular areas of study they are interested in. Electives are very important to help them find out their passions, diminish the subjects they do not prefer, and take full advantage of their online school experience.

This article will obtain an overview of the online school electives available in the online high school curriculum from Let’s Read English. You will also gain the best idea of what colleges seek in terms of electives and information to guide your students as they choose between elective options.

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What is the Importance of Electives in High School?

The non-core courses are what we realize may have shaped the people we have become when we look back on our high school experiences, such as bands, yearbooks, computer science, and more. This is the reason why the choice of elective courses for high school is very crucial. Besides giving students the chance to explore future careers, they can also offer personal insight talents and interests of high school students who never knew they had!


Electives give value to their career by:

  • Giving a glimpse into new passions and potentialities.
  • Preparing a comprehensive education that combines arts, life skills, and vocational studies along with core courses.
  • Offering the requirements of an individual college course.
  • Customizing the entire education.
  • Providing insight into directions of potential future career.

What is the Importance of Electives in High School?

Each online school family decides the number of elective classes in high school. Even though most colleges usually expect between 5-7 elective credits during high school, but these averages do not restrict online school students. Online school families can freely explore plenty of interests, skills, and career paths through elective studies.

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How to Choose Electives in High School?

For students with college aspirations, the electives’ decision to be made in high school may be influenced by individual college needs. For example, some universities demand two high school fine arts credits for admission. If your high school students observe particular colleges, they need to explore the admission requirements when making their annual course choices.

Of course, not all high school electives for online school students should rely on college responsibilities. To decide which electives to take, they should consider:

  • Future careers of interest
  • Life skills that they want to upgrade
  • Goals of self-improvement
  • Personal interests that they want to scrutinize

List of Electives for Online School Students

Let’s Read English offers fourteen high school electives that members can choose from. Check out the links below for an in-depth overview of each course.

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Let’s Read English offers fourteen high school electives that members can choose from. Check out the links below for an in-depth overview of each course.

Why Choose Online School Electives from Let's Read English?

The fourteen elective courses provided for Let’s Read English members allow students to explore new subjects or search deeply through subjects they already get used to. They can select between courses that can guide them about healthy eating, the qualities of art, states of human consciousness, and more.

The online electives present reflective writing assignments, interactive activities, and various scaffolds like read-aloud and digital note-taking tools. Each of them is created to make students work independently and evolve at their own pace as they learn new concepts.

Here are several reasons why most online school families choose Let’s Read English for their high school elective courses:

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  • Learning sessions become enjoyable with exhilarating lessons, teaching videos, virtual labs, and more.
  • Lesson plans provide parents detailed information on each lesson and activity.
  • Different learning styles are supported by numerous platform tools such as transcripts, video lessons, translations, and interactive evaluations.
  • Students can learn on their schedule as it is accessible 24/7.
  • Students can work on their own and stay organized with the assistance of activity planners and curriculum calculators.
  • Automated grading and record-keeping save parents time to evaluate assignments or examinations.
  • Parents can create an accurate transcript for their high school students with the guide of in-depth reports.
  • Courses are created to work well for different homeschooling styles and support students with special needs.