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LREMathFacts – Math Fact Fluency Program

LREMathFacts – Math Fact Fluency Program

Parents know the importance of building a solid academic foundation for their children, which will enable them to grow and excel in the future. The key element when developing this solid foundation, primarily in math, is teaching them math facts. Teaching and learning math facts don’t have to be a daunting task; LREMathFacts makes it fun with interesting games with rewards. This motivates learners to practice math facts repeatedly, which leads to higher math fluency.

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Why is Math Fact Fluency Important?

Understanding math facts at the early stage (elementary level) are important because that’s the primary component for advanced math concepts at a higher level. However, without math fact proficiency, solving simple calculations will be a bit hard for a student; hence the student will have less time learning new concepts. For that reason, the student might find it challenging to learn new concepts.

Math fact proficiency is important for your scholar’s education, and that’s why we added LREMathFacts to our curriculum. LREMathFacts is an interesting and engaging method for scholars to practice elementary math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Our personalized online course helps students develop a solid math foundation with a game-based strategy that meets every student’s needs.

LREMathFacts Overview

LREMathFacts enables scholars to study math facts and develop high proficiency in addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. With our adjustable customizable strategy, LREMathFacts enables scholars to study at their pace. Our program is developed to take the student on a step-by-step approach to adapt to what they’ve learned.

First, we assess students to know their level and then provide a specific instruction that suits them. We have various interesting games for students to choose from, and each game is designed to suit each learning style. However, learning math facts is interesting using the speedy and game-based strategy.

Students can earn rewards for each game. The faster and more correct result they get, the more reward they’ll receive. This reward approach inspires students to keep practicing, which makes learning math facts interesting. Finally, they can use their reward to personalize their avatar.

LREMathFacts can be used for online schooling, summer study and after-school activities. It’s recommended for scholars from Grade 2-4 and can as well be useful for Grade 5+ students that want to learn and enhance their math facts.

Suggested assignment for each grade level:

Students in Grade 2-3


Students in Grade 3-4


Students in Grade 5+

Math Fact Reinforcement

How to Get Started With LREMathFacts

At Let’s Read English, we understand the importance of math facts and believe that parents shouldn’t break the bank to give their child the opportunity for that. That is why we have LREMathFacts in Let’s Read English subscription at no extra cost. By default, LREMathFacts is accessible on our forum to account with Grade 2 and 3 students, hence parents can include this useful material to scholars at any level by using a feature called “manage student” via the parent dashboard.

We have report features for parents to check their child’s performance using the parent’s dashboard. Parents can get the following information on the report; growth charts, usage, facts gained, etc.

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LREMathFacts is a superb resource for learning; Research has shown that scholars that use LREMathFacts are performing well in their academic activity. As a matter of fact, in the previous year, we carried out research to find out the effect of LREMathFacts, and discovered that scholars who use LREMathFacts at least 58 minutes each week perform well than those who do not.

Time after time, LREMathFacts has been proven effective. Research has shown that students who use LREMathFacts are scoring higher in assessments. In fact, a 2016 study involving 139 second and third graders showed that those students who used LREMathFacts an average of 58 minutes per week showed gains of approximately 140%.


LREMathFacts works best on desktop computers or laptops. Also, use the latest version of your chosen browser.

How to Get Started With LREMathFacts

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