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Math Fact Fluency Program

We believe that you know how important math is to the academic foundation of your children. That’s why we have added Math Facts to our online curriculum. To avoid scaring students away, we tried to simplify the course as much as we could. So, our course is not tedious and difficult to learn. We have incorporated fun activities, engaging games, and highly motivating rewards into the course. So, students always look forward to it. This in turn leads to greater understanding of the subject.

Why is Math Fact Fluency Important?

Without math fact fluency, students will find it difficult to learn advanced math concepts and they may dislike the entire subject. This is why we usually introduce them to math at an early age. And we present it to them in a simplified form. When they understand math fact fluency, it will be easier for them to learn advanced concepts.

This course covers the basic arithmetic like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Once a student masters the four operations, he’ll be able to learn higher concepts. Our curriculum has gamified these basics. When they’re learning, they think they are playing math-based games. The topics in the course can be taken in any order. This allows every student to dictate the order and pace of his/her learning.

Math Fact Fluency Overview

According to the Let’s Read English’s online math program, students will learn addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. To make it interesting to them, we have individualized the approach. We also allow students to learn at the most suitable pace and level for them.

We first assess the students. After that, we present the instructions based on the results of our assessment. This means that the set of instructions presented to your child may be different from the ones presented to another student. Gamifying the approach makes learning fun and engaging for our students. We don’t only want them to learn math fact fluency, but we want them to be eager to learn it.

As they respond to questions, they earn tokens. The number of tokens they earn will depend on the number of questions they answer correctly. Naturally, they’ll increase their pace to be able to answer more questions quickly and earn more tokens. This style keeps them excited all through the learning sessions. The tokens can be spent on customizing their profiles.

Recommended assignment per grade level:

Students in Grade 2-3 


Students in Grade 3-4 


Students in Grade 5+ 

Math Fact Reinforcement

Recommended assignment per grade level:

Parents can add this program to their child’s curriculum regardless of his grade or level. Students’ performance is presented in a report that is accessible to parents. This report covers your child’s growth charts, facts gained, usage, and more. The major purpose of the report is to monitor your child’s progress.

Research has shown that our students that participate in this program perform better in tests and quizzes. According to our records, students that spent up to a total of an hour with math fact fluency in a week improved by more than 100%. The program is best accessed via either a laptop or a desktop computer. Alway upgrade your preferred browser to the latest version.

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