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Mathematics in English Curriculum for Lower Level Students

Elementary School Mathematics Curriculum

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The mathematics curriculum for elementary schools should teach much more than the method of basic arithmetic. Students should be provided with high-standard mathematical programs that will make them understand how to achieve a correct solution instead of focusing on the skills they need only.
When seeking online mathematical programs for elementary students, it is also essential to find curricula that instruct concepts in proper order. A functional elementary school mathematics curriculum enables students to gradually boost comprehension, skills, and confidence at their own pace. Quality teaching and curriculum come after a quality arrangement.
On this page, we have provided a general review of the Let’s Read English mathematics curriculum for elementary students by grade level and the reason why most families choose us as their ultimate solution every year.

1st Grade Mathematics Curriculum

In this grade, your students will begin to understand how they can see mathematics everywhere around them. They are going to work with whole numbers and place value as they learn about addition and subtraction up to 20. They will evolve the sense of numbers as they calculate and compare quantities, describe mathematical situations, and elucidate objects.
If you want to choose a mathematics curriculum for first grade, you need to look for a program that motivates your students to have a strong desire to learn more about numbers. The program is also supposed to guide students to build a “math mindset” which is a credence that they can do mathematics. The mathematics curriculum for first grade by Let’s Read English stimulates students’ enthusiasm in learning the subject as they supply multimedia-based lessons, funny characters, and catchy songs.
Some of the objectives that your first-grade mathematics students will achieve include:
  • Ability to calculate, discern, and inscribe numbers
  • Accomplish one-digit addition and subtraction
  • Comprehension of quantity (more and less)
  • Acquaintance with patterns and shapes
  • Proficiency of place value (ones, tens, etc.)
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2nd Grade Mathematics Curriculum

Second-grade students are evolving in their consumption of numbers and quantitative formulas. Your students will acquire more knowledge of place value and explore basic fractions this year. They also will be introduced to “skip counting” as a technique to get ready for multiplication lessons. Aside from that, they will have a chance to learn about money, measurement, as well as how measures relate to one another.
Let’s Read English focuses on keeping students to be inspired in learning new mathematics concepts by using various kinds of fascinating teaching methods. This online education program employs interactive mathematical games as the main component to strengthen every skill that second graders are learning, such as:
  • Reading and writing numerals from 1 to 100 as well as calculating objects to 100 or more
  • Addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers without reassembling, up until 100 by using models and algorithms
  • Exploring number patterns on a hundred chart and use a calculator as well
  • Merging shapes to form another shape and find geometric of the shapes in real-life situations
  • Learning and differentiating the values of money including the quarter (25 cents), half-dollar (50cents), and dollar (100 cents)
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3rd Grade Mathematics Curriculum

Third graders are not only obtaining more progressed skills in mental mathematics, but they will also learn how to clarify the strategies that they employed to resolve a problem.  They strive to master the multiplication tables and memorize them. They will make acquainted with the basics of geometry as well as mathematical problems solving that relating to the area of the object, perimeter, and volume.
A beneficial mathematics curriculum for third-grade students should make sure they can master each of these concepts or skills by supplying in-depth direction and tons of chances for practice. Let’s Read English combines experimental and practical activities in simulations so that students perceive how mathematics works in their daily lives. Printable worksheets bestow additional practice away from the computer and assist students to strengthen concepts that they learned online.
Some of the objectives that your students will achieve in the third-grade mathematics curriculum include:
  • Additional four-digit numbers
  • Subtraction with reassembling
  • Round numbers to the closest tens and hundreds
  • Comprehension of two and three-dimensional shapes
  • Word problems solving that include time, money, and measurement
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4th Grade Mathematics Curriculum

Fourth-grade students should have a potent comprehension of whole numbers and place values. They need to memorize the major multiplication facts to boost their success since mental mathematics becomes more essential this year. They will be constructing their capabilities to understand mathematical problems from various kinds of angles and utilize multiple methods to solve problems.
If you want to choose a fourth-grade mathematics curriculum, you need to select the one that teaches your students how to employ mathematics in everyday life instead of showing solely how to solve mathematical problems in their lesson. Find a program with a workable, self-paced format that encourages students to take their time to comprehend completely the mathematics concepts.
Fourth-grade students will be learning about:
  • Addition and subtraction with reassembling
  • Comprehension of place values
  • Problems solving with decimal points
  • Commit to memory mathematics formulas with the guide of fact families
  • Search perimeter and area of a shape by calculating units
  • Acquaintance with both the traditional and metric systems
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5th Grade Mathematics Curriculum

The mastery of mathematical concepts and practices becomes more crucial for fifth-grade students since they are going to prepare for their entrance into middle school. Grade five enables them to revise the basic skills that they have learned so far in the areas of numeration, addition and subtraction up until 6 digits, multiplication to 3 digits, division up until 3 digit divisors, decimals to the 10 thousandths place, measurement, fractions, geometry, percents, probability, statistics, and integers.
Visual direction can enhance their ability to make associations between familiar concepts with new ones. Motivated and media-rich content makes them get involved in the lessons. Meanwhile, dynamic interactive teaching appliances will aid them to construct content knowledge and vital skills. Let’s Read English prepares a comprehensive mathematics curriculum for fifth graders that guides them to make a preparation for middle school and beyond.
Some of the mathematics goals that your students will achieve include:
  • Round numbers to the closest ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, and hundred thousand
  • Utilize partial products and mental multiplication
  • Division with two-digit divisors
  • Order and compare the fractions
  • Compare perimeter and area
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Why Choose Mathematics Curriculum for Elementary Schools by Let's Read English?

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Elementary education must incorporate the knowledge and skills of mathematics that students need to accomplish in college, career, and life. Let’s Read English lists down the main points about mathematics results grade by grade that parents should know.
The personalized Let’s Read English method focuses on each skill level of students. We will ensure that students have a basic knowledge of mathematics before introducing the more complex elementary mathematical techniques. Time4MathFacts which is included in the curriculum offers practice in basic skill areas that are important to succeed during elementary school.
As a further matter, our elementary mathematics teaching combines enjoyable characters, interesting multimedia lessons, and various kinds of online and offline activities. We prepare these appliances in order to attract their interest to learn more about mathematics and eagerness to build some skills.
Any families who choose elementary mathematics program by Let’s Read English  for homeschooling or rehabilitation have shared many dissimilar purposes that work well for them:
As a Full Curriculum
As an Addition
  • Every level of grade in the curriculum corresponds with all standards, including hundreds of mathematics lessons.
  • It can be utilized in a wide order of student types, learning techniques, and homeschooling approaches.
  • Lessons are delivered in an automated and student-paced system that instructs, strengthens concepts, and includes evaluations to check for students’ mastery.
  • Online activities by each student are time recorded, trackable, and they can be turned into printable reports for recordkeeping and homeschool portfolios.
  • Printable lesson plans, teaching appliances, detailed reporting, and parental support are available for parents on an online Parent Forum.
  • Plenty of interactive mathematics activities to boost a potent mathematical basic for elementary school students and promote confidence.
  • Instructions are delivered through an ad-free environment where students can pay attention to their lessons and enjoy the educational playground as a gift for their learning efforts.
  • The comprehensive direction provides students with the systemized tests needed in many states.
  • Curriculum conveyance is different to retain students’ interest and contains a mix of multimedia lessons, directional videos, printable worksheets, quizzes and tests, and online and offline projects.
  • Entrance to one level above and one below indicates that students can revise mathematical formulas from the previous grade or get started on the next one.
  • Free entrance to Time4MathFacts enables students to practice essential third-grade mathematical formulas.
  • No contracts indicate families can start, stop or pause their membership at any time.