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Mathematics in English Curriculum for Middle-Level Students

Online Mathematics Curriculum for Middle Schools

Students will begin to learn more complicated mathematics concepts from sixth grade until eighth grade since they are going to prepare for high school. Fortunately, the online mathematics courses for middle school are allocated in a way that motivates students to learn the subject as well as empowers them to achieve the goals of mathematics.
Let’s Read English enables the middle schoolers to follow our mathematics lessons through a combination of directional videos, animated lessons, multimedia-based activities, worksheets, and enjoyable mathematics practice sessions.
On this page, you will get a quick rundown of middle school mathematics classes for each grade level by Let’s Read English and how our program guides your students to reach their learning objectives:
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6th Grade Mathematics Curriculum

In the first year of junior high school, students will step up their comprehension of mathematical concepts that they already learned in elementary school. The sixth-grade mathematics curriculum of Let’s Read English is created to fulfill all national standards and aims to have the students reach the mathematics goals for this year. These goals consist of the employment of ratios and rates to compare data, find and plot points on a coordinate graph using ordered pairs, comprehend pre-algebraic concepts, and more. Students will learn the methods of problem-solving step-by-step and enhance their critical thinking skills while working without assistance.
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7th Grade Mathematics Curriculum

The mathematics classes for seventh graders by Let’s Read English are established based on what students have learned in elementary school. Students will acquire a knowledge of new mathematical concepts such as analyzing proportional relationships, employing properties of operations to produce corresponding equations, answering mathematical problems either in the lesson or real-world by using numerical and algebraic expressions, data and statistics among other things.
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8th Grade Mathematics Curriculum

Eighth graders will enlarge the knowledge that they have been learning in sixth and seventh grades in the last year of middle school. They will be preparing for more advanced mathematical concepts that they are going to learn in high school as well. Online mathematics courses for eighth-graders in Let’s Read English cover all of the sections in the subject that students are expected to learn this year. The sections contain the senses of number and operations, algebra, geometry and spatial sense, measurement along with data analysis and probability.
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Why Choose Mathematics Curriculum for Middle Schools from Let's Read English?

Mathematics curriculum for middle schools from Let’s Read English provides complex mathematical concepts in a fascinating environment that motivates the students to learn the subject. Moreover, it also guides students to fulfill the complicated goals allocated for middle school mathematics and they will resolve real-world problems by utilizing the new mathematical concepts that they already learned before.
You will find more reasons below about why most parents choose the award-winning Let’s Read English interactive curriculum as a full time curriculum, summer learning program or skill-building appliance.
Middle Aged Teacher During Math Class At High School
As a Full Curriculum
As an Addition
  • Supplies more than five hundred interactive activities, directional videos, worksheets, and evaluation tools to assist the students to reach their middle school targets.
  • Multimedia-based lessons and teaching videos include the main learning objectives in an exhilarating online environment.
  • Activity schemes and curriculum calculators ensure students focus and work without assistance.
  • Achieve the national standards for middle school mathematics.
  • Access to detailed printable lesson schemes and homeschool teaching appliances to review lesson content.
  • An automated assessment and tracking system that traces the progress of the students and saves reports for homeschool portfolio usage.
  • The curriculum consists of simulated evaluations that supply middle school mathematics systematized test practice.
  • Interactive lessons that perform like video games enable the students to stay focused and motivated.
  • The student-paced technique allows students to take their time with complicated subjects and study at their own pace.
  • The program enables students to pause and retake lessons, quizzes, and tests to make sure they can master complex mathematical concepts. It is great for  learning after school.
  • Students can learn at any time because it is a safe, secure, and advertisement-free online environment which accessible 24/7.
  • Suitable for students with special needs or students who are struggling with the subject in the classroom.