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Middle School Ancient History Online Curriculum

Middle School Ancient History Online Curriculum

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For Grade 6 scholars, one of the recommended social studies courses alongside world history is ancient world history. An ancient history curriculum gives scholars a clear view of ancient civilizations’ history, early economics, geography, government system, etc. With this, scholars will have a clear knowledge of how ancient people shaped the world and their contribution to the modern world.

Why Do We Study Ancient History?

The knowledge of ancient world history is pertinent as it exposes scholars to the world of ancient people to relate to what it feels like during that period. With ancient civilization’s knowledge, young scholars will understand ancient civilization’s effect on our modern world and learn from their mistakes. Also, scholars will know more about their foundations and how traditional beliefs came into existence.

Here are some reasons for studying ancient world history

  • To know more about early humans and the growth of human societies
  • Learn human and physical geography
  • Study how civilization started and how it interconnects
  • Study and compare early economics
  • Learn about various cultures all over the world
  • Study about the effect of different religions

How to Teach Ancient History

Tutoring and/or learning ancient world history is a pleasurable experience for both tutors and tutees. However, getting their attention and engaging them with ancient civilization history is easy.

Below are some strategies to follow.

  • Use the guideline on your ancient history curriculum. Follow the guideline sequentially so the learner can easily relate to their previous knowledge.
  • Help the learner to have a feel of other cultures and civilizations. Compare your culture and those discussed, and then explain the similarities and dissimilarities with the learner.
  • To maximize learning, use interactive measures throughout the lesson.
  • Carve out time and go through more extended and more complex topics thoroughly.
  • Ask questions to engage scholars.
  • Use technology to improve learning and to strengthen the material.
  • If possible, go for a field trip to expose the learners to a real-world situation.
  • Assess the learner’s growth with quizzes, tests, and exams.

Why Choose Let's Read English's Middle School Ancient History Curriculum

With Let’s Read English’s easy-to-use format, junior high school students will be intrigued by learning about the world’s ancient civilization. Our online curriculum goes beyond teaching scholars ancient world history.

The ancient history online school curriculum for junior high school helps scholars develop their reading and writing dexterities. It also helps to build scholars’ history inquiry skills so they will be able to genuinely scrutinize information, make comparisons, interpret maps, etc.

Below are some reasons to pick Let’s Read English’s interactive ancient history curriculum, either as a core online school curriculum or supplement.

As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • Our one-year program provides a thorough curriculum that tallies with all state standards
  • 10 Sections comprises topics like Early Civilization of India, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, etc.
  • With our program, students can easily analyze the economic, social, geographical, political, social, and religious forms of the early civilizations
  • There is a variety of materials for learning in our platform, which includes graphs, maps, videos, photography, and charts
  • Our lessons include a specific terminology that helps enhance the learners’ literacy level
  • Our captivating program plus reading and writing assessment helps to strengthen the material
  • Our auto-grading and recordkeeping tools save time for tutors
  • Learners can work freely independently without the help of anyone with our “activity planner” and “curriculum calculators.”
  • Learners can easily access our program at any time
  • Our captivating stories and the enhanced program helps improve the learner’s knowledge about the history of the ancient civilization
  • Our warm-up activities captivate students and trigger their previous knowledge
  • Scholars can easily highlight crucial information with our site
  • The self-study method entails that scholars can spend much time in demanding ideas and move on very fast with those they’ve learned
  • There’s an option for students with special needs to use subtitles for easy learning
  • Learners can repeat classes and retake exams and tests as well