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Middle School Civics, Government & Economics Curriculum

The junior high school civics curriculum is structured to instill in students their duties and responsibilities as Native Americans. Mainly, junior high school civics covers economics and government curriculum, allowing students to learn some parts of government, politics and political processes, the U.S. constitution, plus more.

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What is Taught in Civics, Government, and Economics?

Junior high school civics, government, and economics curricula educate scholars about the various social studies’ views. Students will learn about all these three majors separately and how they combine to form a society. Here are a few tips to achieve that; teach students how to be a good citizen, the importance of civics, the basics of economics, how the United States government operates and its forms on different stages, and more.

The most crucial part of tutoring civics, government, and economics are by giving real-world examples. With this, scholars can improve their knowledge of complex ideas.

Learning Objectives for Civics, Government and Economics

There are numerous learning goals for junior high school civics, government, and economics curriculum. By achieving this, students will have a better knowledge of multiple social studies ideas, and this will set a pace for them to face the advanced level of the course with ease.

Let’s look at some of these goals.

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  • Note the rationale behind a census.
  • Describe the motive of government.
  • Know the various kinds of government
  • Explain the forms of the constitution.
  • Explain landmark instances recognized by the Supreme Court.
  • Acknowledge citizenship and duties of a citizen.

Acknowledge ways the constitution can be modified to fit the ever dynamic society

Why Choose Let's Read English's Civics, Government, and Economics?

Let’s Read English’s online school civics curriculum presents to scholars the citizens’ duties and rights. Economics and government curriculum offers a better understanding of philosophies and ideas that lead to the formation of the United States Constitution and its structure.

To develop well-enhanced social studies proficiency, the Let’s Read English curriculum improves students’ literacy level with specified terms for each program and assignment. However, they’ll quickly get a real-world picture using videos, maps, and more on our platform to gain more knowledge.

Choosing the Let’s Read English civics curriculum gives tutors and tutees an edge. Our curriculum is an award-winning curriculum; it’s in-depth and makes learning intermediate school civics, government, and economics attractive.

Let’s see the reasons why tutors and tutees pick Let’s Read English’s junior high school civic curriculum:

As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • Our civics curriculum is designed in line with national (civics and economics) standards.
  • Our reading and writing approach helps students to strengthen their literacy level.
  • Tutors can easily create online school portfolios with record-keeping and automated tools.
  • Full access to a one-year curriculum makes it easier to find learning materials.
  • With the curriculum calculator, a tool in our platform, students can easily plan and follow their plans effectively.
  • Scholars choose their own convenient time for learning and can switch courses at any time.
  • Our subtitle supports students with different learning abilities.
  • Users can log in anytime they want to, during peak hour, after school, and/or
  • Our intuitive lesson module enables users to identify and pick topics
  • Users can choose any topic of their choice to learn.
  • Learners can redo any lesson and retake tests and exams.
  • Our online presence allows students to access our service any time and from
  • Users can use our curriculum so long as they need it and can cancel their subscription at any time.
  • We adopt a different dimension to learning, like using videos, individual practice, and more to encourage different learners.

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