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Middle School U.S. History Curriculum

Middle School U.S. History Curriculum

The U.S. history curriculum for junior high school students encompasses the significant events, geography, and a remarkable occurrence and how they relate to the U.S.A’s advancement. Now, scholars will research and scrutinize how different periods helped shape the United States of America’s history, acknowledge the political sphere and its dynamic nature, examine the significance of diversity in culture, plus more.


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How to Teach U.S. History?

The knowledge of U.S. history for junior high school scholars is crucial for students to learn.  The students will learn about the great personalities and events that helped establish and form the U.S. By building a solid foundation for your child’s U.S. history knowledge with Let’s Read English; your child will be engaged and willing to learn.

Here are some tips teachers should use in teaching U.S. history.

  • Organize each teaching session with an interesting story and visual aid
  • Ask your students questions to awaken that prior knowledge before starting a new session
  • The use of technology will make it easier for you to bring lectures to life
  • To develop the students’ critical thinking ability and analytical minds, ask them some questions and have an open conversation with them.
  • Instill in your students a better knowledge of events and concepts rather than just focusing on fact alone
  • Go beyond the traditional form of teaching by using media resources like; charts, videos, maps, and more.
  • Integrate reading and writing to develop the children’s literacy level.
  • Go the extra mile by integrating outdoor trips to places of historical importance.
  • At the end of each program, assess the child’s progress with tests, quizzes, and exams.

U.S. History Objectives for Middle Schoolers

U.S. history online school curriculum has various objectives for scholars. Hence, towards the end of Grade 8, scholars could describe crucial principles as they relate to U.S. history, recognize monumental events and point out their impacts.

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Let’s look at some junior high school U.S. history curriculum goals.

  • Describe the root of democratic rule in U.S. colonial territories
  • Bill of right: note the freedom given to all citizens
  • Scrutinize the revolt of abolitionist
  • Explain the economic and cultural problems fresh immigrants face.
  • Describe the new economic phase of 1920
  • Soviet Union: explain the causes of the breakup
  • 9/11 and U.S.: the event and United States of America’s response to it

Why Choose Let's Read English U.S. History Online School Curriculum

Let’s Read English U.S. history online school curriculum for junior high school is outlined to give scholars a comprehensive knowledge of how the United States of America was built by explaining in detail the people and events that help shape the U.S. However, the interesting activities and interactive lessons coupled with professional tutors help students understand everything about U.S. geography, the substructure of democracy, and more.

Here are some advantages of using Let’s Read English’s junior high school U.S. history curriculum


As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • Complete U.S. history program that matches the standard of all states
  • Up to ten chapters focus on the Roaring 20s, Civil War and Reconstruction, World War II, and more.
  • The multimedia strategy comprises accurate instruction that strengthens students' knowledge.
  • The class has some interesting features to make teaching and learning easy, and these features are photography, graphs, charts, videos, and maps.
  • Each class uses a specific term to improve student knowledge about history.
  • To develop students' critical thinking skills, analytical minds, and communication skills, we have reading and writing assignment that is interactive in nature to achieve that.
  • There are time-saving features that save time for tutors.
  • Learners can work independently with the help of curriculum calculators and activity planners
  • Round-the-clock service ensures that students use our resources at any time of the day.
  • We have something called "warm-up activity" on our platform, which captivates the students and awakens their previous knowledge about any
  • There are subtitles for students with special needs.
  • Learners can work at any time of their choice.
  • Learners can repeat any session and retake quiz and/or
  • Leaners can access our learning material for a year, though they can choose to work on any session they want.
  • Well outlined modules give lots of information that is helpful to both tutors and scholars to easily spot any topic they want to.

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