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Middle School World Cultures and Geography

World cultures and geography study the natural environment, humans, and their relationship with the environment. The world cultures syllabus is categorized according to the different territories of the world. This permits learners to know more about world culture. Hence, it examines the pattern of settlement, populations, and their effect on the physical environment.

With the knowledge of world cultures, students can compare and contrast different societal issues (world).  The students study lifestyles, the standard of living, development, the system of government, and way of life in various parts of the globe including Africa, America (North and South), Asia, Australia/Oceania, and Europe.

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What is Taught in World Cultures and Geography?

There are various topics in the world cultures syllabus, including history, government, economics, culture, and geography. Introduction to geography and map basics is essentially the pivotal point at the initial stage of this study.

When teaching world cultures and geography to junior high school students, it’s crucial to focus on areas like the global regions’ studies, geography, physical and political, diverse culture, ancient civilizations, and their features. 

To make the subject easy and engaging, tutors should help learners to relate to real-world situations. Also, they should use specified terminologies and try to inculcate in students an attitude of reading and writing to enhance their literacy level.

Learning Objectives for World Cultures and Geography

World culture and geography at the intermediate level give learners extensive knowledge about climates, physical characteristics of different territories, and the culture of other places around the world. However, world cultures and geography syllabus should be designed to help students attain most of the crucial learning objectives.

Below are some of the objectives:

Geography lesson at school
  • Describe geography discipline
  • Acknowledge the division of the globe into water bodies, land (continent), and regions (hemispheres)
  • Differentiate between ethnic background and race
  • Distinguish between highly developed nations and developing nations
  • Recognize and track the main climate domains of Canada and the U.S.
  • Acknowledge the various traditions and cultures.

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