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Vocabulary Development

Vocabulary refers to the collection of words that a person knows and uses. Vocabulary development is the process of acquiring new words. The size of a child’s vocabulary between preschool and first grade is often a strong indicator

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Online Summer School Curriculum | Let's Read English

Are you planning a long vacation during the summer break of your child but are also concerned about the break in his/her studies? Then, Let’s Read English has got you covered.



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Tutoring Alternative Solutions

Each scholar learns at a different pace and also has a distinctive learning method; some can’t be met in a conventional classroom. However, when parents start observing changes in their children’s grades and aperture in their study,

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Teaching Reading to Preschoolers

Reading to Prek scholars is one of the great delights of parenting. This method is also one of the best strategies for preparing your preschool scholars to read for themselves. The procedure of learning to read

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What, When, Why & How of Deschooling

The word “deschooling” cropped up as most public school students starts to adopt the online schooling method. Here on this page, you will get to know more about the procedures and steps of

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Online Schooling Pros and Cons

With the ever-growing popularity of online school every year, you may be contemplating this schooling method for yourself. The reasons that people homeschool are as distinctive as those who follow that path, but some prevalent

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Going Back to Online School?

Parents want the academic year to start on a positive note. Are you looking for course outlines, printables, or back-to-school ideas to ensure your kids start a fresh academic year positively?

Parents have difficulties for

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Going Back to School?

This is the right time to know if an excellent online academic program like Let’s Read English would be perfect for your family’s online school this year. Many families use Let’s Read English at home to

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Online School Trends

Parents who are not happy with the school environment like to use online school curriculums and other online learning resources.

With more worries about the traditional school environment and the ever-growing number of online school curriculum and

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Online Secular School Curriculum | Time4Learning

Are you looking for a secular online school curriculum? Even the best online learning programs today don’t have a complete secular curriculum which makes it tough for some parents who are looking for an

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