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Online Curriculum Reviews for Let’s Read English

Online Curriculum Reviews for Let’s Read English

Do you want to be a reviewer? Do you want to be a blogger or journalist, or would you like to share your experience about the Let’s Read English program? You are welcome; we would like you to write your online school curriculum review.

Individuals who like to share their knowledge, life experience, and options with others. Be it by social media channel or by word of mouth, Let’s Read English will like to know your side of the story concerning our online curriculum.

We motivate users to post genuine and sincere reviews so we can continue on our quest in improving our services. Your feedback means the world to us, and $25 awaits you the first time you submit your review.

NOTE: You must post the review on your personal website or blog, and the blog or website must have been active for a minimum of six months, the blog must be in public mode. Reviews on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms are not qualified for these review rewards. All users and non-user request depends on management review because management has the right to control or moderate parent review program.

If you are already a user; the procedure is very simple:

  1. Write an honest review of your experience with Let’s Read English.
  2. Post the work on your personal blog or website; make sure the blog is in public mode.
  3. Then fill the Blog Review Form on your Parent Administration Page,
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If you don’t have a website or blog, you can Refer a friend to tell the story and get your reward or free one-month access on Let’s Read English. 

Online Curriculum Reviews for Let’s Read English

To qualify for this reward, users must be active for a minimum of 30 days: To show appreciation to our members for their genuine and honest review for the first time, we reward them with $25. If you’re interested in writing more reviews, we have an extra process that will keep you informed once you submit your first review. For more details, reach out to us at reviews@time4learning.com.

Non-Members: If you are not a registered user yet, but you’re contemplating to enrol in our program, we will give you a free month trial in exchange for your review which must follow our guideline. However, Let’s Read English has a few review spots and sometimes need to set preference based on the impact and availability.  

Note: All users and non-users solicit for reviews are subject to management review; our management has the authority to restrict any review. 

How do you make a review interesting? Some suggestions…

We suggest that you focus your review on the area of importance and relevance to you. All reviews must be related to your experience. For example, if you have a fifth-grader who is having difficulties with reading comprehension, a Prek student struggling with math, or an online school scholar with special needs, write a review that focuses on the needs of those learners.

For instance, if you’re a busy mum who needs help to take care of her children’s needs both in academic and other areas of life. You can review how our Let’s Read English program helps you to solve your problem in a personal and interesting way.

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What about negative reviews?

We discovered that most people enjoy our entire program and they also believe it’s an extraordinary resource. However, Let’s Read English is not for everybody, and not all members will have a constructive comment. But the reason for the review is for families to know if the program would be appropriate for them. The feedback enables us to provide exceptional services to our users.

What about disclosure?

We always ask our reviewers to share their experience about Let’s Read English with their audience. The main thing here is to note that the author’s view is theirs and the content was not written by Let’s Read English, but the author was rewarded.

Please Note: Users involved in the review are not qualified to receive payment twice for a review they’ve been initially paid for and also a referral that comes from the same review. This means that reviews are not allowed to pose as a referral source. Let’s Read English’s referral program is for individuals who spread our news by word of mouth and not through website, email, and whatnot.

We like to accommodate all our users and will always do that with our marketing budget. We acknowledge the current support of our users and also acknowledge them for adhering to our stipulated instructions.

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