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Online High School Science Curriculum

Let’s Read English’s high school science curriculum is designed for students in 9th -12th grades. The curriculum consists of physics, chemistry, biology, and some electives. And some of the electives are psychology and environmental science.

Our experienced teachers include tons of practice activities, virtual labs, and reading assignments in the lessons. This page gives you a breakdown of Let’s Read English’s online high school science curriculum including the electives.
  • What Science Classes Do You Take in High School?
  • High School Biology Curriculum
  • High School Chemistry Curriculum
  • High School Physics Curriculum
  • High School Science Electives
  • Why Choose Let’s Read English’s High School Science Curriculum?

What Science Classes Do You Take in High School?

An online science curriculum for high school typically includes chemistry, biology, physics and science electives.

Based on our experience we’ll advise that 11th grade students should take physics, 10th graders should take chemistry, and biology is for 9th graders. However, it is just a recommendation, it is not mandatory. Students can choose any subjects of interest. And students can choose any of the electives if they so wish.


High School Biology Curriculum

Let’s Read English’s biology curriculum includes a year’s worth of study materials in topics like the human body, ecology, living organisms, just to mention a few. We also introduce students to heredity, genetics, and cellular processes.

You can find out more about the high school biology curriculum.


High School Chemistry Curriculum

This Let’s Read English 10-chapter course covers concepts like thermodynamics, chemical reactions, atoms, matter, and more.

You can find out more about the high school chemistry curriculum.

High School Physics Curriculum

Here, students will be taught magnetism, electricity, energy, motion, Newton’s laws of motion, modern physics, and nuclear physics. 

You can find out more about the high school physics curriculum.

High School Science Electives

These are additional high school science courses and they are for students who want to go an extra mile. These electives have varying durations from 6 months to a year. Students are free to add or remove any of them anytime.

  • Contemporary Health
  • Environmental science
  • Foundations of Personal Wellness
  • Healthy Living
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s High School Science Curriculum?

Let’s Read English makes its lessons interesting with the use of virtual labs and interactive videos. Your child can take the course as a supplement or as a full curriculum.

Here are some of the reasons why many parents love the curriculum.

As a Full Curriculum 

  • Reading assignments are included in the course. 
  • The activities are designed to make students think like scientists and to act as such.
  • There are numerous science-related activities. 
  • Our video lessons are engaging and interactive. 
  • Registered students will have access to a full year’s worth of materials.

As a Supplement 

  • Students have the liberty to add or switch science courses. 
  • You can keep your child’s learning organized with our graphic organizers.
  • Lessons can be repeated several times until students fully understand the concepts. 
  • Students can easily skip some chapters and concentrate on others. 
  • Every lesson begins with a warm-up activity that stimulates students’ prior knowledge.