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Online Paperless Curriculum – Green Curriculum

Online Paperless Curriculum – Green Curriculum

A Paperless Curriculum to reduce the clutter


Let’s Read English is one of the top online learning programs that deals in the green or paperless curriculum. It has been identified by many international bodies like IGBC and USGBC for its environmentally friendly business practices and paperless learning initiative.


Let’s Read English provides an end-to-end paperless curriculum from preschool to twelfth grade. The program can be used for regular online schooling, as an afterschool alternative to tutoring, or as a summer skill builder. With a paperless curriculum, Let’s Read English leads to similar online courses towards the eco-friendly way of learning. The program consists of end-to-end web-based learning that helps the families understand the green environment’s criticality and eliminate the need for paper-based teaching materials.


While “going green” is an important feature for the environment, the benefits of Let’s Read English go beyond just being eco-friendly.

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Green is the way to go

The term “going green” is a catchphrase that has been around for a while now. It has changed the way we see and treat our environment. The green revolution has picked up pace in recent years. More and more people have started to realize the importance of a green environment and have restricted the use of paper and fuel. That sense of responsibility has increased over time.

Though we don’t realize it, we are already doing our bit towards moving to a greener environment. An example of this is email. When we send an email, we reduce paper and the fuel to ship it to the required destination.

Similarly, as part of the green revolution, many businesses are encouraging recycling bins, non-plastic shopping bags, non-toxic cleaning products, energy-saving electricals, battery-enabled bikes and cars, online bill payments, and a paperless curriculum.

Yes, the paperless curriculum. Try lesson demos.

A paperless curriculum reduces clutter

A regular offline curriculum makes use of huge quantities of paper. While the books bought as part of the curriculum can be reused or sold to a seller to be reused by others, the materials like notebooks, worksheets, and folders can’t be reused. They stack up in a corner and showcase the unwanted use of paper. What should be done in such a case?


An online curriculum like that of Let’s Read English uses online material for learning instead of paper and worksheets. Students can complete the interactive lessons online with all the

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fun activities. With an online curriculum, the students can work at their own pace, complete activities, and don’t require repeated paper use. The program though provides printable worksheets, but they are not compulsory to be used. These worksheets aid in the learning process, and it depends on parents and children if they want to download and use them. Also, the program uses an automated system to grade the students and helps keep the records online. This allows the parents and further reduces the use of paper.

"Going Green" with Let's Read English has many benefits

While Let’s Read English focuses on “going green,” it has many other benefits:

  • Engaging – The program is engaging for kids. The use of funny sounds and animated characters keeps the kids engaged in the program, promoting learning.
  • Effective – Let’s Read English is one of the top online learning curriculums. As it has been designed with the help of experienced educators, parents, and students, the program is effective and a top choice for many parents.
  • Flexible – Does your child requires different grade levels for different subjects? No problem. With Let’s Read English, you can adjust different grade levels for different subjects. Also, a student gets access to a grade level above and a grade level below for review and flexible learning.
  • Individualized – With recorded sessions available, the students can go about the course at their own pace. They can also revisit the lessons at their convenience to generate a sense of ownership.
  • Convenient – The program is accessible 24/7 via the internet from any computer or device like mobile or tablet. Also, there is no requirement for software download or CD purchase.
  • Multiple uses – Let’s Read English has multiple uses. It can be used as a regular online learning program, an afterschool program, or a summer program to enhance specific skills.
  • Good for parents – Let’s Read English makes use of an automated system that grades students and also keeps reporting in place, which makes the work of parents easier. The system also tracks the progress of your child and keeps reports perfect for online school portfolio Additional tools like lesson plans, activity finder, and activity scheduler make it easier for the parents to stay on top of their child’s education.
  • Low Cost – Let’s Read English is an affordable course that also provides a two-week money-back guarantee. Parents and students can also start, stop, or pause the program at any point in time.

A step towards greener a future

If you are looking for a learning program for your child and are also conscious about the green environment, going for an online learning program is the solution. With an online learning program, there are high chances that you will be opting for a paperless curriculum.

With an online learning program, you will be creating a paperless learning environment for your online schooler. This will significantly reduce paper wastage and set an example for your children to do our bit towards a greener environment. Going green with an online curriculum is a great way to start with taking a step forward in preserving our planet.

Learn more about Let’s Read English’s paperless curriculum. Try our online lesson demos, browse through our curriculum overview, read parent reviews, and check out our lesson plans.


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