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Online Reading Fluency Program

Online Reading Fluency Program

Reading fluency is among the parts of reading pyramid. It is the relationship to a greater level of reading and understanding. When a learner attains the level of fluency with his reading, parents should know that they are on the right track to being a successful reader. The five main components of reading include:

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Just like most people, you don’t understand this “reading fluency.” Some people think reading fluency is the same as fluency in the English language; well, that’s not it.

Then what is reading fluency?

Reading fluency is the ability to read text easily, correctly, and with appropriate expression. It can be seen as the connection between developing reading comprehension and decoding words. As readers become fluent in reading, they start to think more about the meaning of an article when they read and less about the words. Also, when learners integrate a reading fluency program into their curriculum, they will be able to acknowledge the content with thought and emotion.

The utmost criterion for fluency is the ability to “sight-read” some words. If young learners can identify, by sight, the most common text in written English, then immediate reading of these texts will enable them to read and understand the content easily. Additionally, since some simple English words are against the rules of phonics, it’s pertinent to get young learners to study them from get-go. For instance, try pronouncing these texts: “even”, “one”, “the”, “was”, etc.


According to some experts, overemphasis on “sight-reading” at the early stage of learning can be counterproductive. They postulate that if young learners focus on word memorization, they will keep away from studying the crucial method of pronouncing words. The focal point here is; once young learners understand the rule of phonics, they should as well understand, by sight, at least the most experienced irregular words. Teaching phonics and sight word recognition alongside each other is the best way to improve reading fluency.

How Reading Fluency Programs Can Help

Tutoring reading fluency with online resources can give an excellent opportunity for young learners to follow along in the word as the program reads out loud. A superb reading fluency program will keep scholars glued to the lecture throughout the learning period.

With Let’s Read English, these fluency skills are taught and strengthened in various ways. Let’s Read English teach learners the major skills needed to be fluent readers. The animated program enables learners to interact with texts while reading, and this intrigues and motivates them to keep learning. Also, the student-paced style of the lesson enables young learners to retake and practice lessons until they gain proficiency, and that is excellent for retention.

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Let’s Read English’s complete language arts curriculum has lots of programs planned to develop reading fluency. Below are activities that aid in reading fluency:

  • Strengthening of phonics awareness to ensure correctness
  • Focus on sight word vocabulary that leads to easy recognition of words
  • Restructuring of correct expression and intonation with every story
  • The capability to check for more details about unknown or unfamiliar words when reading 

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