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Starting with reading is not easy for a child. It requires intensive pre-reading skills like understanding letters, words, and sounds. Skilled and fluent readers are the ones who have already championed the pre-reading skills and are comfortable in reading the sentences with ease. Also, reading skills don’t develop overnight. It needs regular guidance and practice.

The reading process can be divided into five steps. These steps are also defined in Reading Skills Pyramid. The five steps are phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and reading fluency. Reading skills can be enhanced by inculcating regular reading habits. Personalized tutoring, using interactive games, and online reading programs can also help develop and strengthen reading skills in your child.

Every child is unique and so not every child needs to follow the same path of learning to read. While some children require regular reading practice, others might require a more intensive reading program to instill reading skills and confidence. Parents can help and guide their children into reading by providing them with high-quality reading material, creating a rich language environment, providing regular assignments, helping them to understand the reading patterns, having a discussion with their teachers to identify the gaps in their reading process, and following their teachers’ recommendations.

Let’s Read English offers computer reading programs through online learning. With a comprehensive curriculum, the reading program of Let’s Read English consists of multimedia resources, exciting games, and engaging lessons to build that hunger for reading in your child. Learn more about Let’s Read English’s computer reading programs. We offer reading activities for kids from PreK-6th grade.

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Guided Reading Activity

Guided reading activity can greatly enhance your child’s reading skills. Let’s Read English online reading program helps students to develop reading skills through guided reading activity. The program helps students in a guided way with phonics understanding, comprehension reading, and vocabulary enhancement.

Parents can consider Let’s Read English’s online reading program as a regular reading course or as a supplementary program to enhance the reading skills. With Let’s Read English, parents can take full control of their child’s reading journey. The program though involves teachers, but equal responsibility should be shared by parents. Parents as part of guided reading activity should read to their kids, explain them letters and their sounds, and finally help them with words to keep their kids on the right path to learn reading. It should be noted that guided reading activity needs patience and understanding.

With guided reading activity, you can build your child’s vocabulary and fluency in reading. Not only that, but you can also help with comprehension reading skills. The child with proper comprehension reading skills is considered to be an “active” and “skilled” reader. Active and skilled readers are expected to not just read but understand the depth of each word and sentence. Most online computer reading programs are helpful because of their interactive, engaging, and sequential curriculum. These programs focus on understanding the text and its meaning in a sentence rather than just reading.

Reading activities for students

It is very important for your child to interact with the text if he/she has to become a fluent reader. The parents should help their child with reading from the online learning programs. The online learning programs provide multiple reading activities to help your child. The parents should make their child understand the minute details of reading and how fluent readers go about the reading process.

For their child to become a better reader, parents should help with the following:

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  • Make the child predict as to what will happen next in a story based on clues embedded.
  • Question child about the main idea or message conveyed by the text.
  • Should monitor the progress of the child by monitoring understanding of the context, sequence, and characters.
  • Should clarify any doubts in the mind of the child to avoid confusion.
  • Ask the child to connect various events in a text.

An important aspect of reading is self-monitoring and for that, you as a parent should enforce the activities stated above. With these activities, the child will remain engaged and will understand where he/she is lagging. Read aloud to your child in a way he/she comprehends the text. You can stop in between and ask questions to know if your child is involved in the reading activity or is distracted.

It is very important to clarify doubts in the mind of your child while reading. If there is a confusing passage that you are reading, you can stop in between and ask your child if he/she understood the passage. Based on his/her reply you can re-read and ensure that the correct meaning is sent across.

Let’s Read English has a comprehensive curriculum as far as learning to read goes. There are multiple activities and learning sessions that a child can go through to enhance his/her reading skills. The program aims to teach reading in a simple and fun way.

Remedial Reading Programs

Multiple online programs claim to provide a remedial reading process. The claims need to be assessed as they might be misleading. Many remedial reading programs vary in their agenda. Some of these programs could be related to building the basics of reading while others could be related to focusing on reading difficulties like dyslexia and others.

Let’s Read English’s online reading program caters to different remedial reading programs. Still, parents should discuss with teachers and reading professionals to understand the reading needs of their child. This will help them in opting for the required remedial reading program.

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Reading Skills Pyramid

The Reading Skills Pyramid is a model that depicts the required processes to become a successful reader. The kids generally follow this pattern to enhance their reading skills. Parents’ intervention is required while implementing such a model for their child. To add to the reading capabilities, parents should provide their child with high-quality reading material, a good and rich language environment, and regular assignments. Though most children follow this pyramid, it does not mean that the model works for every child. Each child may have different needs to fulfill the reading process and may learn at his/her own pace. Generally, a child’s reading progress is better identified by his/her teacher and so a discussion with the teacher could prove to be helpful.

The Reading Skills Pyramid consists of six sections – print concepts, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

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