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Online School Trends

Online School Trends

Parents who are not happy with the school environment like to use online school curriculums and other online learning resources.

With more worries about the traditional school environment and the ever-growing number of online school curriculum and resources available, most parents are making the wise decision to teach their children online.

According to Rebecca Kochenderfer, the former Co-Founder of Homeschool.com, one of the best online schools, says: “Today, families using online school programs have many options of group and activities. These ranges from online study material to online school curriculum reviews and online school sports team, the options are increasing daily. Our site makes it easy for students to understand online school curricula and all the options involved.”

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Rapidly Growing Online School Trend Stimulated by New Internet Tools

Parents whose children learn online have tried for years with different strategies to support their kids with reading and math. Now, the internet and internet-enabled devices (computer) is an invaluable resource for parents. Online learning can complement the school (conventional school method) and help scholars to perform well on the main subjects; this is because we have academic teaching games and other learning materials that haze the relationship between games and lessons.

Scholars are seen as online schoolers if their parents disclose that they are being taught at home rather than in the private or public school for at least part of their academic activity, plus if their enrolment in the private or public school is not more than 25 hours per week. The current NHES study shows that about 1.1 million (1,096,000) scholars were taught at home using the online school method in the United States in the spring of 2003. This shows an increase from the previous study of 850,000 scholars who studied at home in 1999.

The researcher interviewed parents of more than 11,994 scholars with scholars from Prek to Grade 12.

Elena Santana, the founder of Let’s Read English which provides an online school curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 12, explained “The Letsreadenglish.com online school curriculum involves complete language arts and math curriculum. Parents love the program because it’s safe and self-running. Children like the program because it’s interesting and they can learn at their pace.”

Letsreadenglish.com is one of the outstanding new online-based study programs which provide an online school curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 12 and complete lesson plans. Let’s Read English uses lots of academic software for home use. It provides academic materials mostly from Edgenuity(tm) Odyssey, the best developer of academic materials with the main focus on working with schools.

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Other Computer-Based Learning Programs

More online-based educational games and programs are accessible to parents who want to complement their online school curriculum and these include:

• Academic games on CDs:

Parents can buy academic games from stores. These games present an interesting, interactive way of learning to young learners. The negative part is that most “academic games” focus more on the game instead of the lesson. The positive part is that they can be accessed even without an internet connection.

Back shot of competitive young man playing online games

• Free Educational Game sites:

Numerous sites offer “learning and game,” however, these sites are mostly profit-oriented and parents and users are at risk of downloading content (games) that have viruses and spyware. Most of these websites are related to CDs as they gravitate towards games with small academic activities

Father and Son Playing Games

• Free Learning Sites:

  • Free learning sites include sites that give worksheets and sites that provide interactive activities. Here, parents determine the success, provide continuity and arrange all the programs.
Girl watching online class of her teacher

• Letsreadenglish.com:

This educational program teaches young learners math and reading skills methodically. Let’s Read English also tracks the learner’s activities and presents effective procedures for learning to them. Let’s Read English has games for children and report for parents and all these packages are in a $19.95 monthly subscription. Use this to Learn More or Sign Up Now!

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About Let’s Read English

Letsreadenglish.com, used by online school parents and as a complement to conventional school programs, is a new method that capitalizes on modern technology by learning to read activities and children’s math games. Most of Let’s Read English’s academic games are an integration of an excellent Edgenuity(R) Odyssey. A current review by The Old School Magazine said: “My daughter loves the site and their program”. The educational games ensure the complete coverage of math and reading skills plus other concepts that enable scholars to progress. Let’s Read English is proven effective and with affordable monthly payments. Let’s Read English also has a money-back guarantee, so you have to check and make sure that the program works for your children. Just check out our Let’s Read English’s academic teaching games now.

Let’s Read English presents an online school curriculum from kindergarten to Grade 12 scholars, curriculum review for an online school, and online study materials for online school learners and their families.

Key Features of Let’s Read English’s Home Education Program

Let’s Read English uses over 1500+ multimedia programs, printable worksheets, and graded programs in a self-paced study environment which makes learning more interesting. Language arts and math tally with state standards. Art, science, and social studies are available in most grades.

Parents have access to lesson plansprintable worksheets, teaching material (this can be found in the Parent Dashboard), detailed reporting, and parental support in our online Parent Forum.

Here are other major characteristics of our program:

  • Scholars have their logins, and they can work at their pace as well
  • Parents can customize the grade level for each scholar
  • Users can access the grade above and the one below their current grade level for extra study and review
  • We have a well-outlined lesson plan for parents that wants to check our lesson content/program
  • Users can access playground online which compensates and motivates scholars
  • Let’s Read English has an automated feature for grading lessons and this also stores information/reports for homeschool portfolio usage(more information about that below)
  • Just register and start classes immediately!

Let’s Read English is totally an online program, meaning that there is no software to download, no extra fee, and no CDs. Scholars can access our program anytime irrespective of their location and the time just with a device that has an internet connection.

Let’s Read English provides 14 days money-back guarantee plus the options to start, pause, or stop anytime. Check lesson plans, learn with our interactive lesson demos, read our curriculum reviews, or check out our curriculum overview to know the latest available resource.

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