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Online Schooling for Beginners

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New to Online Schooling?

Are you new to Online schooling? Do you have doubts regarding the concept of online school? Then, this is the place for you. Check out our exclusive videos below to kickstart your child’s online schooling journey.

Why Online Schooling?

  • Online schooling is the current trend and is extremely useful for kids. Most parents are slowly shifting from the idea of schools to online schooling. Online schooling is an idea where students can learn in the comfort of their home. They just need a mobile/tablet/pc and the internet.
  • Online school helps parents keep track of their child in front of their eyes and understand their learning needs. Eventually, with online schooling, parents can take control of their child’s education.
  • The other important aspect of online schooling is that it provides flexibility to the child and parents. Online schooling provides live sessions as well as recorded sessions. This gives the child flexibility to learn at his/her own pace and build academic confidence.
  • As per the research by National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), kids that opt for online schools tend to perform better than the kids who go to regular schools. Results have shown that kids enrolled in online school have better math, reading, and history scores.

How do I get started with Online School?

  • Starting with online school can be confusing and even hard to swallow for some parents. This is because kids have been going to schools for many years and thus it is tough for parents to cope up with the idea of online school.
  • Parents’ apprehension is valid when it comes to online schools. It is important to get the facts straight before opting for an online school.

Try Let’s Read English online learning program. It provides you with all the answers relating to online schooling.

Is Let’s Read English Right For Me?

  • Let’s Read English is an online English learning program that can also be treated as an online school. With a comprehensive curriculum, Let’s Read English assures the parents that their child is learning what he/she would have learned if they were in a regular school.
  • Let’s Read English provides flexibility to parents and kids as far as learning goes. The program consists of both live sessions and recorded sessions that make it easier to learn for the kids.
  • The program offers a grading and record-keeping system using which the parents can track the progress of their child.
  • Let’s Read English encourages independent learning and carves out a learning routine for the child.
  • The program is divided into multiple sections and lessons which makes the learning easier for the child. Parents can either help their child move with the course sequentially or focus on a specific section or a specific lesson.


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