Let's Read English

Online Schooling with Let’s Read English

Online Schooling with Let’s Read English

Young learners love being online, so capitalize on that to give them the best education!

Let’s Read English gives scholars from preschool to Grade 12 a superb online school curriculum with the best strategy that incorporates the current day’s technology and internet. Our online academic resources teach mathematics and language arts programs per state standards. We also have art, science, and social studies for most grade levels. Foreign language is accessible but as an optional course for an extra fee.

Let’s Read English is a convenient, online school curriculum that uses academic and interactive fun activities for teaching. Printable worksheets, detailed reporting, assessments, and student-paced multimedia classes make our study method an outstanding and best choice for online schooling. 

Every child likes learning with a computer. This online curriculum gives scholars who study online the independence they need as they study at their speed.

For more information, please take a look at our online curriculum overview.

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A Valuable Tool and Trusted Partner For Many Online School Families

Families that use the online schooling strategy shares their reasons for using Let’s Read English

“My daughter can now study alone, and I can join her as well. Let’s Read English has added value to her education, and this makes life easier for me.”

“Online schooling can be boring. But Let’s Read English provides an outstanding program that makes studying online interesting.”

“Let’s Read English presents the main curriculum in an entertaining and interactive form. They have a free printable worksheet for reinforcement.”

“Unlike other online schools, Let’s Read English returns my calls.”

“Let’s Read English can support the online schooling strategy that I’m taking with my kids.”

“For my kids, their favorite time of the day is their study period with Let’s Read English. After a few months of joining this great online school, I can say that it’s the best online school curriculum I’ve used.”

Parents See Steady and Ongoing Improvements in Math and Reading Skills

The Let’s Read English online schooling curriculum has the following:

  • Uses 1000+ animated programs, grades activities, and printable worksheets
  • Online language arts and math classes that are following state standards
  • Online art, science, and social studies at most grade level
  • Scholars have their logins and can work at their pace
  • Parent or instructors can customize the grade level for each subject
  • Members have access to a grade below and another above for review and extra study
  • Our online playground compensates and inspires learners
  • We have a time-stamping system that tracks attendance 
  • We also have an auto-grading feature that stores printable reports and grade lessons
  • Our program is online. You don’t have to download anything and no additional cost. Hence, your kids can study anywhere at any time regardless of the location once they have a computer and access to the internet.

Online Schooling Software

The Let’s Read English online school software is easy to access because it’s just a web-based platform. In other words, there is nothing to download, and members can easily access it once they have an internet connection and a computer. Lectures are divided to make it easy for learners and are accomplished with interactive software practice to strengthen learning.

The online school software includes quizzes and online lessons. Scholars can study as many times as they want daily. Primarily, our educational software is easy to use. Let’s Read English enables scholars to retake classes anytime they want.

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Helpful Parent Tools and Resources

Welcome to Homeschooling Guide – Are you new to online schooling? A professional online schooler wrote this procedure to answer some tough questions prospects do ask.

Curriculum Lesson Plans – A thorough outline of the number of classes and subjects we offer for each grade level. Each scholar can access a minimum of two (and sometimes 3) grade levels of curriculum per subject to enable them to study at their pace.

The Lesson Activity Finder – This one of the most resourceful materials Let’s Read English gives to its users. The program finder is an alternative route that allows the parents to check lessons easily or discover the additional practice for their kids. Check out our hints and help section for more details and everything you need to know about the activity finder.


Lesson Planning Worksheet – So, you wonder how many courses will my child cover every day? Our easy-to-use printable worksheet evaluates the number of lessons each day.

Online Parent’s Forum – Discover online schoolers around you, be part of our forum and the discussion, share ideas, and ask questions on our online platform for online schooling parents. The support of expert online schoolers will help in making your online schooling journey a wonderful one.

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Interactive Online Schooling Curriculum that is Proven Effective

Let’s Read English gives online schooling curriculum instructions with different mediums, printable worksheets for strengthening their knowledge, and interactive lectures. It comes with an affordable monthly subscription price with a money-back guarantee without a contract.

Let’s Read English has helped lots of children worldwide; let me subscribe today to know if this resourceful material can Start Helping My Children Now.