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Are you looking for a secular online school curriculum? Even the best online learning programs today don’t have a complete secular curriculum which makes it tough for some parents who are looking for an independent secular online school. As per a study, it is seen that even many parents/families of faith don’t necessarily go for the curriculum that includes religious instructions. Considering these facts, thorough research is required to find programs that are non-religious or secular.

Let’s Read English consists of a comprehensive online schooling curriculum from PreK-12th grade. With Let’s Read English, each child can follow an independent learning path through live sessions, interactive activities, engaging games, and regular assessments. The program consists of subjects like Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and more. Parents can also enroll their child in foreign language learning for a nominal additional fee.

What does secular online school mean?

Secular online schooling is where an online schooler, whether or not ascribing to a particular faith, studies not for religious purposes but for his/her educational growth. This statement in no way undermines schools that focus on faith and religion.

A secular online school is generally free from any terms and conditions. Such schools can choose any online school style, any curriculum, any schedule, any resources, and any set of relevant activities that work best for them. A popular trend that is seen is that parents who opt for secular online schooling prefer a mix of multiple online schooling programs for the end-to-end growth of their child.

What is a secular online school curriculum?

A secular online school curriculum consists of instructions that are not written from any religious point of view. The curriculum is independent of any delivery method like textbook study or online teaching and is free of any religious or faith-based language.

There could be multiple reasons why parents opt for secular online schooling:

  • To inculcate secular feeling in their kids
  • To keep their child’s thought process independent and free from any specific faith inclination
  • To keep faith independent of education
  • To avoid any bias against specific faith, culture, environment, and lifestyle
  • To keep education in line with concepts, facts, and innovative ideas

Is Let’s Read English secular?

We are living in a free and independent world than ever before. Because of this, more and more parents are shifting towards the concept of secularism. This is also reflected in their inclination towards secular online schooling for their kids. Most parents today want their kids to adhere to the secular way of learning and keep their faith independent of what they are studying. Let’s Read English’s curriculum is standard and mostly aligns with the curriculum of regular schools. With an independent and comprehensive curriculum, Let’s Read English is free from any faith-based undertones or biases.

The program consists of interactive activities, engaging lessons, learning through multimedia, and fun games that are independent of any religion or faith. At Let’s Read English, kids focus on what is relevant to their learning. The program consists of live sessions which make the schooling more interactive and engaging. The program also provides recorded sessions so that the kids are not bounded and can study and learn at their own pace. This keeps them motivated.

Here are some of the key features of Let’s Read English’s curriculum:

  • Free from any religious undertone and bias
  • Live and recorded sessions for students’ ease
  • Focus on basic English language concepts and learning around it
  • Interactive and engaging activities for PreK-12th grade
  • Alignment with other secular online school programs and regular school curriculum
  • Alignment with different student learning styles
  • Can work as a regular online schooling program or focused on a specific subject
  • Students get their separate login and can work at their own pace
  • 24/7 access to the program material via the internet
  • Detailed lesson plans and child’s progress report access to the parents
  • An automatic grading system for quick evaluation and keeping reports for online school portfolios
  • The program can be started, stopped, and paused at any time which means that parents have flexibility as far as the subscription is concerned.

Want to learn more about secular online schooling? Visit SecularHomeschool.com for resources, parent forums, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Let’s Read English a secular curriculum?

Answer: Yes, Let’s Read English’s curriculum is secular and independent of any faith or religion. The program consists of a standard-based curriculum and is purely focused on academic excellence.

Question: Does Let’s English teach evolution?

Answer: Yes, because Let’s Read English has a secular curriculum, the theory of evolution is assumed to be part of the program and is taught in middle and high school science courses.

Question: Is Let’s Read English an inclusive curriculum?

Answer: Yes, the Let’s Read English program can be opted as a regular online school program. As the course allows parents to have control over the lessons and activities, faith-based online schoolers can skip the topics that don’t align with their beliefs. The program is popular among parents with different religious views.

Question: Does Let’s Read English teach religion?

Answer: Let’s Read English does not promote any faith or religion. As part of the social studies curriculum, the role of religion is defined in historical, cultural, literary, and social development. Any reference to any religion or culture is made in a neutral, objective, and factual manner.

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