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Equity, Justice and Community

We see it in the classroom, where teachers value the unique gifts that each student offers. We hear it in meet for learning, when we listen deeply to those who feel moved to speak into the silence.

Through a commitment to honoring diverse perspectives, we prepare our students to be empathetic and thoughtful citizens of the world. As they learn to work both collaboratively and independently, our students develop the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to truly let their lives speak.

Learning Life Skills

Our decision to instruct  multicultural communities around the world affirms our belief that the lessons of racial and cultural diversity are a central manifestation of our commitment to Friends’ teachings.

“When big questions confront students, we encourage them to reflect thoughtfully on their answers. We teach them the skills that enable them to do the hard work of not simply reacting to the future but shaping it so that it advances democratic values.”
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Explore our highly qualified instructors, their specialties and qualifications.  Peruse through through their experience profiles and videos.  Every one of our instructors are top quality so you will make the right choice with anyone you choose.

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Let’s Read English offers numerous curriculums to cater to many non-English speaking interests.  You are welcome to make additional suggestions on curriculum of interest or ask your tutor if they offer a certain type of instruction.